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Help is available for InfoPath as part of its installation. But one particular help file is, in my opinion, more useful than the others. Depending on your installation path it can be found at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\1033\MSE10.CHM

Why do I find this one so useful? Basically because it combines numerous help files into one. Here are the highlights:

  • General Script Editor Information
  • HTML in Microsoft Office Applications
  • Working with Script and HTML in the Script Editor
  • Customizing the Script Editor
  • Managing Views and Windows
  • Navigating, Searching, and Replacing
  • InfoPath Developer's Reference
    • Programming Concepts
    • Developer Sample Forms
      • Data Validation
      • Events
      • Structural Editing
      • User Interface
    • InfoPath Object Model Reference
      • Collections
      • Objects
      • Properties
      • Methods
      • Events
      • Enumerations
    • InfoPath XSF Reference
      • Namespaces
      • Types
      • Groups
      • Elements
      • Attributes
  • MSXML 5.0 SDK
    • GUID and ProgID Information
    • Dependencies in MSXML 5.0
    • XML Developer’s Guide
    • DOM Developer’s Guide
      • How Do I?
        • Program with DOM in C/C++
        • Program with DOM in C/C++ Using Smart Pointer Class Wrappers
        • Program with DOM in Visual Basic
        • Program with DOM in JScript
    • DOM Reference
      • XML DOM Objects/Interfaces
      • XML DOM Properties
      • XML DOM Methods
      • XML DOM Events
      • MSXML Helper APIs
    • XML Digital Signature
      • XML Digital Signature Developer's Guide
      • XML Digital Signature Reference
        • XML Digital Signature Interfaces
        • XML Digital Signature Properties
        • XML Digital Signature Methods
        • XML Digital Signature Enumerated Types
        • XML Digital Signature Elements
    • XML Schemas
      • XML Schemas Overview
      • XSD Schema Developer's Guide
      • XML Schema Reference (XSD)
        • XML Schema Elements
        • XML Data Types Reference
        • XML Schema Regular Expressions
        • XML Schema Instance Attributes
      • XDR Schema Developer's Guide
      • XDR Schema Reference
        • XDR Schema Elements
        • XDR Schema Data Types Reference
      • DTD Developer's Guide
      • DTD Reference
    • SOM Developer’s Guide
    • SOM Reference
    • XSLT Developer’s Guide
    • XSLT Reference
      • XSLT Elements
      • XSLT Functions
      • XSLT Syntax
    • XPath Developer’s Guide
    • XPath Reference
      • XPath Syntax
      • XPath Functions
    • SAX2 Developer’s Guide
    • SAX2 Reference
  • JScript
    • JScript Language Reference
    • JScript Tutorial
    • Scripting Run-Time Library Reference
    • FileSystemObject Object Tutorial
  • VBScript
    • VBScript Language Reference
    • VBScript Tutorial
    • Scripting Run-Time Library Reference
    • FileSystemObject Object Tutorial
  • Debugging Your Program in Office 10
    • Using the Debugger
    • Inspecting Your Program
  • Debugger Reference
  • Visual Studio Getting Started
  • Visual Studio Reference

As you can see there is a lot of information contained in this one help file! Make a shortcut to it somewhere where you can easily access it, whether it be using a keyboard shortcut, on your Start menu, or in your Quick Launch Toolbar.

As you are developing your InfoPath forms, you will undoubtedly have a need for the information contained in one or more sections of this help file.

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