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August 2008 - Posts

  • Reshredding all documents for a document type using the Qdabra DBXL Migration Tool v2

    If you have to reshred a lot of documents, there is an easier, automated way of doing this rather than using Qdabra DBXL Administration Tool (aka DAT). 
    1. Download and install the Qdabra DBXL Migration Tool.
    2. Download the Scenario File for documents reshredding. (Scenario file no longer needed for recent versions of the Migration tool, as it is incorporated into the tool).
    3. Open the Migration Tool UI.
    4. Make sure DBXL Server Root is set to your DBXL (normally http://myserver/QdabraWebService).
    5. Select the "custom" tab and load the scenario you've downloaded in step 2.
    6. Scroll down in the scenario variables list and set "docType" to the document type you want to clear.
    7. Scroll down the Scenario Variables list and change sourceDBXL/targetDBXL.
    8. Select "ReshredDocuments" in the scenario runs and click "Run". This should reshred all the documents from the specified document type:


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