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Filtered Sums

Last post 05-26-2020 08:21 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 47 replies.
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  • 05-22-2020 01:00 PM In reply to

    Hi Hilary, I'm trying to apply a filter to some formulas that I have inside my repeating table, but I'm coming up empty-handed. I've tried filtering inside the formula, outside of it, rules on the table and using query fields, but nothing I've tried works. In the table that returns from the Call-up list I would like to not include any Call-ups that have the status of "Cancelled". I put a rule on the repeating table to Hide if the status is cancelled, but it doesn't appear to work properly if a vendor has some cancelled and some not, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, not sure why. the bigger issue is that i am unable to filter out cancelled items from the count and sum formulas i'm using. I feel like i should be using the query fields in some manner but I can't put my finger on it. how does filtering a repeating section work using the query fields?
  • 05-26-2020 08:10 AM In reply to

    so rather than filter the formulas which I cant seem to do, I've create a calculated column that takes the status and returns a yes/no for cancelled. then i added a button on the form to query for status, put rules on the button to set the query field value to "active" and a query rule. so cancelled shows up in the counts and formulas, but when I hit the button it queries my list for active files. this seems to be a long way around, but it works :)
  • 05-26-2020 08:21 AM In reply to

    Adding the status to the filter on the XPath for a sum formula, for example, would look like: sum(xdXDocument:GetDOM("Callup_DC")/dfs:myFields/dfs:dataFields/d:SharePointListItem_RW[d:Vendor = current()/d:Vendor and d:ContractStatus != "Cancelled"]/d:TotalContractValue)
    Hilary Stoupa

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