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Error: Failed to Fetch

Last post 07-01-2022 10:30 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 1 replies.
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  • 07-01-2022 03:59 AM

    Error: Failed to Fetch

    I have a form that has 13 embedded documents that brings back up to 2 of the 13 potential reports which range in size from 400KB to 1400K. After several minutes of trying to open, the system brought back this error “An error occurred trying to load the document at /its/infopathwf/SOC/11016_SOC_BSmith_2021-11-17.xml - Failed to fetch - The form will now close. The form opens correctly and the report selection portion works fine. Once the reports are requested, I write the record to the document library and present the user with the 1-2 appropriate attached reports; however when I open the saved record to view the reports later, I get this error now. This is a new error. I may be doing this wrong because I am embedding all 13 reports in the form and then displaying only those that are relevant to the particular requestor, but if I provide links to these reports, there are security issues since I have no way initially of knowing who will request them. This way, only the specific initiator of the request can view the particular reports. Any ideas on why the error is now occurring or comments on best practices for providing secure documents to the requestor only?
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    Is this in FormsViewer or a regular InfoPath browser session? Generally, I wouldn't recommend having that large of an XML file, with 13 hardcoded files in it. I do understand why you are concerned about providing links - If you only showed them the relevant links would that be an issue? That is, are you concerned that if they have the URL to one report they will use that to access others?
    Hilary Stoupa

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