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Storing Display name in a field and promoting it

Last post 06-15-2020 08:33 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 1 replies.
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  • 06-02-2020 05:43 AM

    Storing Display name in a field and promoting it

    I am working on a form that has cascading drop down lists, but the issue is that once the form is submitted, the database shows the number ID instead of the text. I know this is because value is set as ID and the Display Name is set as Title, but that is the only way the cascading drop down lists will work since it utilizes lookup values. I read that I could potentially fix the problem by storing the Display Name in a field and promoting that field when publishing the form, but I don't understand how to do this. If someone could give a step-by-step explanation on how to do so, it would be very helpful. Also, will promoting that stored field hide the column that shows the ID number?
  • 06-15-2020 08:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Storing Display name in a field and promoting it

     Hi - you can add a new field to the form that is not displayed on the form itself, then use a rule or a default value to set to the display name for the item.

    1. In the data source task pane, select the main data source
    2. Right click the folder where you want the new field and select the option to add a field
    3. Give it a name
    4. I'd probably use a default value for this, so after the field is created, in the data source task pane, right click the field and select the properties
    5. For the default value, use a formula - click the fx button
    6. In the formula editor, click the button to select a field or group
    7. Navigate to the secondary data source you are using for your dropdown values
    8. Select the field that is used for the "display" option in your dropdown, and click on the button to filter the data
    9. Select the ID field in the first dropdown, is equal to in the second dropdown, and in the third dropdown, select a field or group, and pick the main data source field that is bound to the dropdown (i.e., the field with the ID the user has picked)
    10. This should get you the Display as the default in this field - if you have trouble, feel free to just add the field, and attach a copy of your form to a reply (under options) and I'll help you set the default
    11. Finally - if this is a list form, when you create the new field, it is added to the list. If it is a library form, you'll have to promote the new field when you walk through the publishing steps, or under Form Options > Property Promotion
    12. For either type of form, you may need to modify the list or library views to show your new column instead of the ID column. If this is a library form, you can also choose to not promote the field that stores the ID

     Hope that helps! 

    Hilary Stoupa

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