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Notes History

Last post 04-21-2020 07:49 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 7 replies.
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  • 04-01-2020 09:50 AM

    Notes History

    I have a from that is linked to a SharePoint list, it has version history turned on and in the form I have a a control field for inputting notes, and there is a repeating table that shows history (infopath automatically generated this, it has a repeating table with name, date/time, and historyvalue). Works great, I also have a save button that submits data to the list so that the form can stay open. I have a rule on the save button that clears the control, otherwise the notes stay and can get double entries. is there a way when I use the save button to move the notes from the control into the history? Thanks
  • 04-02-2020 11:53 AM In reply to

    I wonder if after you submit if you may need to just requery for the item to get the updated history? You could set the query ID field to the ID of the item just saved, then run the main data source query - might be worth testing?
    Hilary Stoupa

  • 04-07-2020 01:21 PM In reply to

    Hi Hilary, so the button I have as a save button uses a rule to submit data, when I add a second rule and set it to query there is no mention of the id, and when I tested it out, it seems like the query ran, but grabbed a different item.
  • 04-07-2020 01:46 PM In reply to

    You would need to explicitly set the ID query field in the main data source to the current item's ID prior to running the query. Feel free to attach a copy of your form, under the Options tab, if you'd like a hand.
    Hilary Stoupa

  • 04-07-2020 02:12 PM In reply to

    hi Hilary, I've attached my form, thanks so much. I don't understand what you mean, still a beginner :)
  • 04-07-2020 03:01 PM In reply to

    I copied your Save button in the default view and added a rule to set the ID query field and execute the query. Again - I'm not 100% sure on this, just a guess - but worth a try. So - query fields in your main data source only show up in advanced view. For SharePoint list connections, you can only use equivalence - think of query fields as a way of telling SharePoint what rows you want returned from your list. Say you have a list of fruit and a category column that has "Citrus, Stone, Dried" etc. You'd set the Category query field to Citrus, then run the query, and the only data returned would be that where category = Citrus. :) So, in this case, we set the ID query field to the ID of the item we are currently working on, then we run the query - my thinking is since you've saved first, that will get the latest data from the list, and the history will be there... Save the attached form locally, right click and select design.
    Hilary Stoupa

  • 04-21-2020 07:45 AM In reply to

    this worked!! thanks so much Hilary!!
  • 04-21-2020 07:49 AM In reply to

    Oh thank you for letting me know it worked - when I suggest something I haven't tried myself, I'm always curious about the outcome. Have a great day!
    Hilary Stoupa

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