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Infopath Browser Form Postback Issue

Last post 01-04-2019 08:29 AM by JedWalker. 0 replies.
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  • 01-04-2019 08:29 AM

    Infopath Browser Form Postback Issue

    Hi all I am new here and whilst I have seen topics very similar to this the issues faced by others have been slightly different or the proposed results have been beyond my current ability levels. I would like to start by stating that I am not a SharePoint/InfoPath expert and most of what I have been able to do has been self-taught, so please excuse me if I don't fully understand everything you suggest. The problem. We have developed an in house SharePoint 2013 List Browser form designed to handle all internal transfers and new recruitment activities. The form itself is rather complex but from a user standpoint but has been constructed with relatively straight forward InfoPath function. On our form we have several fields that look up an external data source hosted on the same site as our list. Without going into unnecessary detail the data source is that of an organisational hierarchy and users can fill out these fields to identify where staff should be moving to. To improve the user experience we have applied filters to some of the fields that ensure that the hierarchy levels to choose from are based on the parent levels already selected. So for example the admin division may have 4 sub-divisions and the clinical division perhaps 8 sub-divisions. When a user selects the admin division the next field will only allow for one of the 4 sub-divisions to then be selectable. We have this same concept working for hundreds of teams across several hierarchy levels and it does work very well. the problem however seems to come when a form is launched in a browser from our SharePoint intranet site. User input is quick and painless when filling our basic fields on the form but the second any of these filtered lookup fields are amended we get the postback "Sending data to server issue". This probably would not be so bad if it only happened to just those fields but after that has happened it then causes the same effect on all fields, even basic text fields etc. It makes filling out our large forms cumbersome and we have no idea how to mitigate the problem. We have tried setting postback settings on all non-lookup fields to "Never" and again they suffer from issues the second one of our filtered lookup fields is amended. Is there a way for us to circumvent the "Sending data to server" problem entirely or at the very least do something so that it only impacts the fields that are actually looking up the external datasource? Any help you can offer us would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jed
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