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Rule - Field change triggers another field to change

Last post 10-10-2014 06:47 AM by Carphunter. 1 replies.
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  • 10-09-2014 12:11 PM

    Rule - Field change triggers another field to change

    I'm writing a rule that will set a text field's value when a query runs. Basically, user enters value into one field and hits button. Button then sets query field for data connection, queries the connection, and three data entries from that connection are now available. What I want to happen is once that query fires and runs, my rule will say "now that that query data field isn't empty, evaluate the value in the field, and decide which statement to fill in the text field with. If the field says one thing, fill in my text field with statement A. If the field says another thing, fill in the field with Statement B. I think my basic problem is triggering the rule to run. I have the rule assigned to the data field of my data connection. the Conditions say if the field is not blank, and the field begins with X, set text field to "blah". I then have a second rule that says if the data field isn't blank, and begins with Y, set the text field to "blech" To me, once the query runs, the fields value has changed, and rule should fire...but apparently that's not the case. What will it take to get this sort of rule to run?
  • 10-10-2014 06:47 AM In reply to

    Re: Rule - Field change triggers another field to change

    think i figured out a way to do what i need. Instead of having the rule tell a second field to fill in, I'm able to use sections with just plain text in them. i stack my two sections with the statements that apply to how the first data field is set, and only reveal the one that is correct at the time.
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