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Data size of various column formats

Last post 05-29-2020 07:28 PM by Daryl K. 0 replies.
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  • 05-29-2020 07:28 PM

    Data size of various column formats

    I have an InfoPath form for a list that has a data connection to three columns of a different SharePoint list. The second (source) list can get big (4k+ rows). I recently added a new column (number format) to the data connection, and when published and trying to open to new instance of the form the data connection failed as too big (the source list currently has 4,300 rows in it). I understand that with data connections it has to bring those entire columns over, so as the source lists gets bigger (4300 rows x four columns) so does the data size needed.

    Just trying to find a way around this I changed the format of the column to Single line of text (SLoT) and now it works - with all four columns being pulled from the source list!

    I don't understand data connections in SP enough to know the size taken by each format, but does anyone have any ideas in the difference between a number and a SLoT data connection-size wise? The values in there will always be whole numbers, so I'd prefer setting the column to that format, but if a SLoT is the only way to get the connection to work with large lists at the other end I may have to keep it like this.

    Lastly, the value in the new column will be used as a number in the destination list column, for calculations in Power BI. I assume the conversion of "250" from SLoT column (in source) to Whole Number (in destination) will be seamless and the numeric value will stick...right?
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