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Contains() function is not working on some sites

Last post 07-02-2018 05:28 AM by MaroHamamjyan. 0 replies.
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  • 07-02-2018 05:28 AM

    Contains() function is not working on some sites

    Hello, Please help me to understand the problem. I am using this contains(xdXDocument:GetDOM("MD_Legal")/dfs:myFields/dfs:dataFields/d:SharePointListItem_RW/d:Employee[../d:Code = "01"], xdUser:get-UserName()) = true() rule and if it is true, a checkbox is set true. I used this rule many times, every time successfully, but do not understand why it is not working in some sites. MD_Legal is a custom list which has 3 columns: Title, Code (single line of text and the value is 01) and Employee (people only field, I have typed there my username) In my form I need to check weather the user who opens the form is in MD_Legal list. In case the user is in the list a checkbox should be set to true. I think there should be a feature or something else that should be activated, but could not find what is the reason, that the checkbox is not being set to true. I am sure that the rule is correct, because the same rule works in another site, also I have checked data connection, name of the list, the column of the list everything is correct. What can be the reason that in some sites the rule is not working? Thanks in advance
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