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Browser form needs to interact with Task list

Last post 04-17-2018 12:26 PM by Hilary Stoupa. 3 replies.
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  • 04-16-2018 09:30 AM

    Browser form needs to interact with Task list

    I need some help brainstorming, but here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a 2010 IP Browser form where the user lives (does all work there) and doesn't go into SharePoint. They complete a step and then it passes to the next person (and can pass back as needed). Each step has X number of days for that current user to complete it. I use a SharePoint list (qRules - writes to the list) to manage what stage and who is assigned. I have a SP Designer 2010 workflow where I can create the due dates and write these into the list as well as other things (I could create the due date in the form itself to write back if needed).

    Here's where I am at (development wise)... If the user hasn't completed their step by the due date, then a reminder email needs to go out and then again every 7 days until the step is completed. 

    I have a document on how to create a workflow/lists/retention policy to manage this, and I think I can get it to work. It ends up using the Tasks list to manage it. So, where I'm stuck, is that I need to be able to tell the Task list that a task was completed in the form (and the workflow can terminate). I'm assuming that I can write into the Tasks lists (SubmittoSharePointList qRules command). Here's what I'm thinking...

    • I would have a unique field in the form that would match up to a field that I create in the Task list to be a key field (I looked at using the task title, but it's static and can't change on the fly using a workflow variable... but now that I think about it, I don't think I can pass in data. It seems like the task is created automatically.
    • Then update the task Status to Completed.

    Would this work, would the workflow terminate?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions of some other way that would accomplish what I need?



  • 04-16-2018 03:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Browser form needs to interact with Task list

    I'd guess setting the task to completed from the form would work - but I would test this. I'd set up a mapping to the task list, including the ID column so you can update, then I'd just dummy up a scenario - have an open task w/ workflow running, and in my form, set the ID field and the status, and use the qRules SubmitToSharePointList command to mark the task completed - and see if the workflow stops. So, in other words, I'd verify the unknown part of the scenario first, before adding a key field, adding a bunch of logic to get the task ID, and so on. Does that make sense?
    Hilary Stoupa

  • 04-17-2018 06:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Browser form needs to interact with Task list

    Thanks, the only problem is that I don't have any relationship to the Task list. Since the system is generating the task (not me), I don't know the ID or can't create a linking field.  So... giving up on the task list part.

    But, I do have a question... if I delete a list item that has a pending workflow, will that workflow automatically cancel? Or is it still somewhere on the server using resources forever?  I'm seeing if instead of using the system generated task list, I'm going to create my own list and use it just for the date tracking (so I can have fields that actually tie to my form). When the user "approves" his step, then I will delete that entry and create the next stage's entry. When I delete the list item, it will have a pending workflow... so just concerned that if the workflow isn't "properly" terminated and if there are any ramifications.


  • 04-17-2018 12:26 PM In reply to

    Re: Browser form needs to interact with Task list

     This thread indicates that the workflow will not be terminated unless you also delete the item from the recycle bin - so that's kinda awful. Again, you can always set up a quick unit test - which is what I would probably do.

    Hilary Stoupa

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