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Cross Domain Issue - Single User; Previously Working

Last post 02-21-2018 12:01 PM by Hilary Stoupa. 2 replies.
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  • 02-21-2018 08:22 AM

    Cross Domain Issue - Single User; Previously Working


    Before I get into the issue, here are the basics:

    • InfoPath 2010 Filler Form running on Sharepoint 2007 (Enterprise Version) - No form services enabled
    • I have no access to Central Admin
    • The data connection is to a SQL database with a login/password.  The connection is made when a button is clicked in the form.  The data connection has existed for 4 years now in production.
    • I do not maintain the SQL database

    Now for the issue:

    I have a single user who, as of today, just started to get the "Accessing data across domains is not supported..." message when she tries to make the connection.  Her teammates do not have the same issue and I know of no one else getting the error message at this time.  Nothing with the form has changed for over a month, and no changes to the data connection have occurred for over 6 months. 

    I can only assume something has occurred with her personal computer in some fashion.  She's cleared her internet and InfoPath caches, and rebooted her computer - which usually fixes these single user issues.   We have no InfoPath support within our company and most IT support is clueless about the application and how any of it here I am!

    Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix or what we might ask desktop support to look for that would cause the problem?

    Thank you!


  • 02-21-2018 09:22 AM In reply to

    Re: Cross Domain Issue - Single User; Previously Working

     Update: I have no reason for the resolution besides fairy dust or something similar.  She is now up and running.  If anyone has ideas of what to look for/do the next time this happens, I'd love to hear it.  (Besides waiting for tinkerbell, that is)

  • 02-21-2018 12:01 PM In reply to

    Re: Cross Domain Issue - Single User; Previously Working

    Oh wow, you made me laugh & I really needed that today! :) My first instinct is that the template is not being opened correctly - like, someone will be using Chrome, where the template will end up downloaded, then they try to open it from the downloads folder. But it sounds like this isn't happening when she opens the form, but instead happens when she clicks a button. I'd make sure the site where the form is opened from is in her Internet Explorer trusted sites? You could also try running Fiddler on her machine when she tries it (the next time it happens) to see if there is anything interesting there, or if you can, run a SQL trace?
    Hilary Stoupa

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