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Rule to set Multi-Selection List Box value

Last post 10-25-2017 07:33 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 1 replies.
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  • 10-24-2017 08:25 AM

    Rule to set Multi-Selection List Box value

    Hi, I have a form with a drop-down (called Audience) which has two values ("Companywide" and "Office Staff") and 4 Multi-Selection list boxes, each of those list boxes has a value "All". The goal is to set up a rule which sets the value "All" for all of the Multi-Selection List Boxes when "Companywide" is selected in a drop-down. So I created a rule on the drop-down field with condition: Audience="Companywide" and 4 Actions: Set a field's Value = "All". It was working fine on a preview and after publishing the form the rule sets the value "All" for Multi-Selection list boxes when I CREATE a list item. Weird things happen when I EDIT an existing list item: The rule doesn't set "All" for Multi-selection list boxes when I select value "Companywide" in a drop-down. But if I check one of the check boxes in one of the Multi-selection list boxes and after that set a drop-downs value to "Companywide" the rule works for that particular Multi-Selection list box (still doesn't work for others which I didn't change). There are no any other rules on the form (checked it in the rule inspector). I don't know what to do and what to check further... Any advice or help on that would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Igor.
  • 10-25-2017 07:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Rule to set Multi-Selection List Box value

    Multi-selects are weird. I've definitely seen things like this before, where rules to set a value don't work as anticipated. I'm not at all sure why this works on create and not edit ... I would probably drag the field bound to the multi-select onto the form as a bulleted list & see what data source looks like in create vs edit. I did this, and what I found was that the repeating field contains a single blank instance on create, but not on edit. So, if nothing is selected on create, when the form is re-opened, there is no node to set until you select an item in the list box. I'm not sure about a work around - I'd probably add an option that is selected on load, and then in the form, modify the list box to hide that option - then you always have a node you can set....
    Hilary Stoupa

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