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Sharepoint list/Infopath form: need help with certain requirements

Last post 06-30-2016 08:20 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 1 replies.
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  • 06-22-2016 04:38 AM

    Sharepoint list/Infopath form: need help with certain requirements

    Hi guys, I'm required to create a form that will also populate the results in various ways. and I'm having a few problems with some of the requirements. Requirement 1: On part of the form they will have to state Yes or No to a question and this will determine if they need to fill out another section. So using the "=IF([Any Allergies?]="Yes",IF([List Allergies Here:]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),TRUE)" validation i can make it so if they select Yes they have to fill out another field. However i need it to be a requirement to fill out numerous fields and every combination of the formula i've tried doesn't work. Does anybody know if this is possible and if so how to do it? The closet I got is "=IF(Features?="Yes",IF(AND([Feature: Name],[Feature: Editorial Deadline]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),TRUE))", which doesn’t come up with an error and when you fill say yes to a Feature, it won’t allow you to submit it without the fields being filled. But it wont allow me to submit it when the fields have been filled as well. Requirement 2: In connection with the above, in my SP list i have 1 column for feature name, 1 column for feature pagination and 1 column for feature deadline, but they may need to entire details for multiple features so I've been informed the best method is to use a repeating table, but when i open the default SP form, i can't add a repeating section/table. Do i need to delete everything from the default form and start again and how do i make it so i can add a repeating section/table? Requirement 3: At the end they will be a button which if possible will populate the info in the SP list, create a copy of the form, so they can re-open it and make alterations (as most of the details will be the same each week with a few alterations) and also create a PDF version of it, which then either saved to a location or attached to an email to then send on to a specific email address. IS this possible and if so how would i do it? Thank you all in advance. Marc
  • 06-30-2016 08:20 AM In reply to

    Re: Sharepoint list/Infopath form: need help with certain requirements

     Hey, Marc -

    Is this a list form you are customizing in InfoPath? I ask because your formulas look like calculated SharePoint column values, not InfoPath formulas.

    If you need to manage multiple list items with your form (it sounds like you do?) you need to start from InfoPath designer, select SharePoint List form as the type, and somewhere in the initial wizard is a checkbox for managing multiple items - that will give you a repeating schema in your form.

    But your third requirement would involve using an InfoPath form with code - and not a list form. I don't believe you'll be able to do that without either writing custom code or using third party software - is that going to be acceptable?

    Hilary Stoupa

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