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helplessly lost

Last post 05-17-2016 12:33 AM by Andy Martin. 2 replies.
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  • 05-16-2016 07:56 AM

    helplessly lost

    Hi all, this is my 1st post so be gentle! Background: I am trying to find a solution to a problem whereby a team creates a user account & wants to be able to send a notification to the user via email. The user would then open the form (either via a link or open a form directly) complete & submit the form. What ive got so far: I thought of having 2 separate forms. Form 1 is very simple, it had a textbox that allows them to enter the user's email address & a button that would trigger Form 2 to be sent to the email address in the form Form 2 would be completed by the user & submitted back via email I am totally new to infopath & would appreciate any input - please remember im a total newbie! Many thanks Andy
    Confused & lost in the infopath wilderness!
  • 05-16-2016 05:39 PM In reply to

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for posting and welcome to our forum.

    I recommend an email form. Launch InfoPath Designer and choose Email form. Make sure you publish it through email.

    I guess the big question is whether or not the user account is activated before they get the form. I'm guessing you have some manual process for creating the account.

    You might be able to automate the user account creation by using a full trust form on a domain admins machine, but it would require custom code.

    So, assuming this is manual, I think your process makes sense but it could fail if the manual step to create the account is not done.

    Good luck!

    Patrick Halstead
    Project Manager at Qdabra
  • 05-17-2016 12:33 AM In reply to

    Thanks for the welcome Patrick, you are correct, the creation of the account is a manual process. Once the account is made, my plan was to have them enter the email into a textbox then when the hit a button, the form for the user to fill in would be sent to that email address. Does that make sense? Cheers Andy
    Confused & lost in the infopath wilderness!
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