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autocheck a multi check box based on another field

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  • 06-03-2015 07:18 AM

    autocheck a multi check box based on another field


     I am trying to pre check more than one check box based on another field.  I am almost there. I can prepopulate a single check box but can't figure out the action rule logic to check 2 or more check boxes.  My environment is InfoPath 2010. My check box field uses a SharePoint list data source.   My first field is also a multi check box.

    Here is my check box. As you can see I use ID for the value.


    In plain English my goal is: If any check box is checked in Field1 auto check two check boxes in Field2 

    My condition statement works fine.  My action statement also works for a single check box.

     Here is my rule on Field1



    So the above rule works fine if I am only pre checking ID 10. But I really want to precheck ID 10 and 15.  (Using my data below I want to precheck my All Sales Database and my Product Database  ) I have tried “10 and 15”  “10,15” “10;15” and the display text but it will not work.  Either I can’t save the rule or the output just adds another choice to my Database Check box.     What rule action logic would help me preselect  then one choice? Such as   “10      All Sales Database”      and “15      Product Database“

    Thank  you, 



    Here is my data

    Multiple Check box 1 contains Sales Regions.

    ID  Display Text
    20       NorthEast
    21       SouthEast
    22       Midwest
    23       NorthWest
    24       SouthWest

    Multiple Check Box 2 contains Databases
    ID       Display Test
    10      All Sales Database      
    15      Product Database      
    20      NorthEast Reporting      
    25      SouthEast Reporting      
    30      Midwest Reporting      
    35      NorthWest Reporting       
    40      SouthWest Reporting      

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