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Rules work on create, not on edit

Last post 12-22-2014 10:07 AM by Jimmy. 1 replies.
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  • 12-16-2014 09:49 AM

    Rules work on create, not on edit


    I have a scenario where there are a few data connections hooked up to a primary form. One of those data connections is connected to an assignment list. It consists of 3 columns (Warehouse(Text), Primary User(People/Group), Secondary User(People/Group). This list is meant to be a dynamic source that my main form uses to determine assignments. I have a button that pulls in the data from that list onto my form. I am assigning the DisplayName to my DisplayName, the Account ID to my AccountID and the AccountType to My AccountType.

    This works just fine when I go to create an item--> all values populate correctly, I can save my form with all of the newly brought in values. For some reason, every time I open the form after that and try to use the same button, the query runs as normal, but my people/group fields do not populate - assuming they are not already populated. I have validated that the rules are running and they are running with the values I want (I have written the values from the people/group fields to text fields and they appear to be correct).

    I did look at the SP logs and it gave me this: Failed to get SPGroupName from GroupID. Error Message: Group cannot be found. Callstack: at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGroupCollection.GetByID(Int32 id) at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.PeopleEditor.set_SharePointGroupID(Int32 value). I have not gotten any errors when interacting with the form. I had to pull this from the ULS logs. Any thoughts? I have hit a wall....

    Thanks, Jesse

  • 12-22-2014 10:07 AM In reply to

    Re: Rules work on create, not on edit

    Hi Jesse,

       This isn't an issue I've seen before. As one thing to try, could you see what happens if you blank out the people picker fields before you assign new values to them? I have had luck in the past with blanking out fields in browser forms when they weren't behaving right. 

    Jimmy Rishe / Software Developer / Microsoft MVP
    Qdabra Software
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