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Populate Form Library properties from InfoPath 2010 List Form Template

Last post 11-20-2014 11:28 AM by klfrehe. 1 replies.
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  • 11-19-2014 05:30 PM

    Populate Form Library properties from InfoPath 2010 List Form Template

    Here is our process:  A user submits a request form with 1 project name and several items that need to be created to support that project (in a repeating table).  The requester puts all the information in one form and save/submits it.  An email is sent to the support team who will review the request.  Once the request is validated, then the team member will click a button that will automagically create one list item for each item that needs to be created.  If the requester needs a chance, he will need to open the original request form, where he may need to make changes to some of the individual items (never to the items themselves). 

    After struggling with the whole populating items from repeating tables issue (I tried qRules, and a ton of other stuff...I couldn't get qRules to work at all, and the basic examples would work, but once I tried with my real fields, it just blew up).  SO I have been pretty successful with an InfoPath form created for a SharePoint List Template with the "Manage multiple list items with this form" box checked.  I can hide the repeating project section but then populate that information into each list item once the request is validated, allow a user to save the form to form library until they are ready to submit (which is just a button status change) and once the team is ready, they can create the individual items with a quick click of a button.

    The problem I'm having is populating the Form Library with information from the InfoPath List Form while it is being saved to the form library.  (i.e. Project Name, Project Owner, Due Date, etc.  - I need workflows to alert people based on information submitted) I've been trying to use a xml file with the cmd="Update" instead of Create, but am not having any luck.   Searching the interwebs has been painful, it seems that a majority of the examples use cmd="new" and list items.  When I try, I get an error message that the form cannot be submitted because of an error with a Log ID of 5567 and a correlation id. 

    Does anyone have an example of the .xml file with cmd="Update" and the rules used to update Form Library properties from a List Template (There is no property promotion from a List Template form ;-( ) 

    Thanks in advance! 

  • 11-20-2014 11:28 AM In reply to

    Re: Populate Form Library properties from InfoPath 2010 List Form Template

    I found my solution!  The issue was with my Rules and setting the fieldname.  I had to crack open the InfoPath Manifest File and add [@Name = "ProjectName"] in the Rule since there is no way to do that when I was setting the field values to be updated in the user interface. 

    So instead of the rule saying "Set a field's value: Field = Project",

    it now says "Set a field's value:Field[@Name = "Project"] = Project"

    The Rule is setting my secondary data source xml manifest file "Field" to main data source Project and then using the update method when I submit using the secondary data connection to my form library.   


    Thanks to Hilary's post http://www.infopathdev.com/blogs/hilary/archive/2009/06/07/hack-manifest-xsf-to-filter-the-target-of-a-rule.aspx and amieqq's post http://www.infopathdev.com/forums/t/26246.aspx?PageIndex=1 

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