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SubmitToSharepointList error

Last post 10-22-2014 08:27 AM by Hilary Stoupa. 5 replies.
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  • 10-20-2014 01:50 AM

    SubmitToSharepointList error


    I get an error using the SubmitToSharepointList command.

    qRules version: 5.2
    For  test I have made a simple testform, that submits to a standard SP Announcement list (Title, Body, Expires)
    The form is Infopath 2010, Admin deployed.

    Beside QdabraRules I got my ShPSubmit webservice ( _vti_bin/list.asmx/UpdateListItems) and one mapping file. Value for the 'Send'-rule: SubmitToSharePointList /submit=ShPSubmit /mapping=Udd1

    Send Button properties/browserforms is set to 'Always'.

    I have added the useWebServices, useBrowserAPI and Extende Error Message. Error message is the same whether the useWebService is enabled or not.

    The form is not published to SP yet. The error message is from preview mode.

     Error message:

    Action: SubmitToSharePointList. Arguments: submit: ShPSubmit mapping: Udd1 . Details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. Stack: at Qdabra.Tools.RulesLibrary.Commands.PerformSubmitToSharePointList() at Qdabra.Tools.RulesLibrary.Commands.RunCommand(String commandName) at Qdabra.Tools.RulesLibrary.Commands.ExecuteCommand()


    My mapping (Udd1):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <myFields schemaVersion="5.2">
      <Mappings mappingName="Info fra uddannelsen">
        <ListCollection useName="false" ListName="Info fra uddannelsen">{4DC37FA3-D4C1-4F9D-86E0-4DA67D142981}</ListCollection>
        <RepeatingGroup />
          <RelatedList />
          <RelatedListId />
          <FormField IsRichText="false" IsId="false" IsAttachment="false" IsDate="false">my:mineFelter/my:Titel</FormField>
          <FormField IsRichText="true" IsId="false" IsAttachment="false" IsDate="false">my:mineFelter/my:Brødtekst</FormField>
          <FormField IsRichText="false" IsId="false" IsAttachment="false" IsDate="true">my:mineFelter/my:Udløbsdato</FormField>
        <Batch OnError="Continue">
          <Method ID="1" Cmd="New">
            <Field Name="Title" />
            <Field Name="Body" />
            <Field Name="Expires" />

    I do have other forms with the SubmitToSharepointList running, so this error puzzles me.

    Thanks in advance


  • 10-20-2014 07:41 AM In reply to

    Re: SubmitToSharepointList error

    Do you mean you are setting useBrowserApi to true? I would expect the form to fail in preview / filler if that is being set to true.

    Hilary Stoupa

  • 10-20-2014 11:23 PM In reply to

    Re: SubmitToSharepointList error

    I have tried enabling/disabling both functions. I´ve added them to the form after it failed to submit the first time.

  • 10-21-2014 06:58 AM In reply to

    Re: SubmitToSharepointList error

    May I see a copy of your form? You can attach it under the Options tab in a reply.

    Hilary Stoupa

  • 10-22-2014 03:42 AM In reply to

     Here it is.

  • 10-22-2014 08:27 AM In reply to

    Re: SubmitToSharepointList error

    Hi - I see you have injected the form with the Admin Approve only version of qRules - with that version, I'd anticipate this would only work in the browser after being admin approved. Can you reinject with just the Browser option selected and see if that resolves the issue?

    Hilary Stoupa

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