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Submit repeating table drop down values to 1 sharepoint column

Last post 05-22-2014 05:32 AM by RaYvA. 2 replies.
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  • 05-22-2014 04:28 AM

    Submit repeating table drop down values to 1 sharepoint column


    Very simple project. Yet, I'm having many brain dead moments. So I might be making this far more complicated than I need to.

    On SP10 and InfoPath 2010 - Creating a helpdesk form.

    I've a backend SP list (TechStaff) This lists  contains all tech staff and their IT group/dept.

    On my form I have a repeating table with 2 columns. The first column is a drop down control which displays a list of all 'groups' from the above list. The second column is a filtered drop down control to only show staff who belong to the chosen group in the first column.

    I selected a repeating table as this allows me to have multiple tech staff work on the same helpdesk call.  It was the only way I could think of doing it as each member of staff can be assigned their own individual task within a helpdesk call. Each staff member can the have an "Action Item". I've also done using a repeating table as well.


     If I promote the assignee drop down field to SP it only shows the first name in assignee repeating table as expected. How can I combine, publish them all if I have multiple assignee names in the repeating table?

     I know I'll have to use a workflow to translate the text value to a People/Group column value. This I'll want for SP views and emails etc.

    If anybody has an easier form - I'm all ears.





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  • 05-22-2014 04:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Submit repeating table drop down values to 1 sharepoint column

    Found at least 1 answer - used the following formula on a separate text box control - substring(eval(eval(AssignedTo[. != ""], 'concat(";", .)'), ".."), 2)

    AssignedTo is my field name on the assignee repeating table.

    This leads me onto another question, but I'll have a crack at it first. 

  • 05-22-2014 05:32 AM In reply to

    • RaYvA
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    Re: Submit repeating table drop down values to 1 sharepoint column

     Only 29 minutes to reply to your own (first) question, that's pretty cool :P Yes you have the first part of your question under control, understanding the 'double eval' evil is quiet profound.

    You probably can't 'use' that concatenated field in an SP workflow, well in SPD OOTB anyway, unless you add additional workflow actions to your farm (your administrators will have a fit if you ask them to install any of the CodePlex/free actions from the internet) to assist you, or you're developing your workflow in code (and if you were developing your workflow in code you wouldn't worry about the repeating table because it would be a non issue), but I think I know what you want to do....

    You have a HelpDesk query that you assign to multiple people (all filtered and all selectable in a repeatable table and all works great in your form).....

    Then you Will have to write each assignment out into a separate item/record of a list that subsequently kicks off another workflow to invoke the response/update/denial/ignore action that you are expecting.

    Who said this was easy?

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