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Work Flow control

Last post 10-18-2012 06:40 AM by kgallagher713. 1 replies.
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  • 10-18-2012 06:39 AM

    Work Flow control

    Good morning all! I'm not exactly sure where to ask this question, I suspect under "Code"; however I didn't want to post in the wrong section. Our System Analyst left over the summer and I've been tasked with taking over his duties. Part of which include SharePoint and the forms associated. I've been cruising along creating new forms and really haven't had any issues with Button rules and/or code. My issue comes in the pre-existing forms... probably because the were designed / coded in away other than how I would do it. I'd really like to avoid having to recreate this form, as it is used for Purchase Requisitions and I just made a change that has been a lingering issue. But, it seems like making that change has cause another issue to arise. Everything I see in the rules states that it should be operating properly, however for a group of users that are in a group for "sign limit 500", it's not working. The fields of "Status" and "Stage" on the form should take this direction for anything under $500: Requestor(1) --> Director(3) --> Purchasing(8) --> Buyer(9) --> Ordered(10) For anything $500 to $999.99: Requestor(1) --> Director(3) --> Program Admin(4) --> Purchasing(8) --> Buyer(9) --> Ordered (10) Anything for $1000 or more works fine. The problem is that for ANY dollar amount ($0 to $999.99) it's following this flow: Requestor(1) --> Director(3) --> Program Admin(4) --> Purchasing(8) --> Buyer(9) --> Ordered (10) Here's the change I made over the weekend: We have an option for what we call a restricted fund, which adds a step to the work flow (Development{2}). It wasn't always getting to that step for NORMAL users that can sign up to $1000. The old rule showed this: GO TO Development from Director Conditions: RestrictedFundsCheck = True RestrictedFundsCode is blank "Director Signature" is signed GrandTotal = 1000 ProgramAdminName is not blank "ProgramAdminSignature" is not signed Actions: Set Stage to "4" Set Status to "ProgramAdminName" For NORMAL users... this fixed my issue with some restricted funds PRs not getting to Development. But, as this was the only change made, it caused users that are in the sign limit 500 group to have ALL PRs go to their Program Admin; which has caused some complaints. I don't see anything in this code that would cause this; nor do I see anything in the rest of the code on the "Submit" button. But, then again, I'm somewhat new to this and I'm not the original author to this form. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me! If it would help, I can attach the form / a word doc with all the rules. Thanks again!
  • 10-18-2012 06:40 AM In reply to

    I apologize.. I didn't know it would condense my message down... it's harder to read this way; so let me know if you need anything clarified.
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