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filter, sort, retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again

Last post 10-03-2011 06:17 AM by ErnestoM. 1 replies.
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  • 10-01-2011 03:49 PM

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    filter, sort, retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again


    I've downloaded a trial version of Qrules 3.3 and want to use it to retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again.

    Our company uses SP 2010 enterprise and IP 2010, some people use office 2007 so my forms are IP 2007 based.
    I have a SP list with several colums. I name a few: ID, ProjectName, Manager, Reporting

    I want the manager to be able to fill in the Reporting column (this means including changes, so if it was "yes" it can be "no" now) and submit this to the SP list again.

    how do i fill a repeating table when using a data connections with filter like this one: "https://.com/sites/STS/test/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={GUID}&XMLDATA=TRUE&FilterField1=Manager&FilterValue1=Alfred" (i could not manage to insert the data with the INSERT command into the repeating table)

    How can i manage to ONLY submit the changes back to the sharepoint list, not the whole table? So if 1 items is changed that only that item is updated in the SP list.

    when i fill the forms repeating table with data from a data connections i also want to sort certain columns with buttons, how can i do that?

    can i determine who opens a form(with outlook) and based on that build up the repeating table?

    Thank you very much ! I hope you can help me soon.


  • 10-03-2011 06:17 AM In reply to

    Re: filter, sort, retrieve, adapt and submit the changes to sharepoint list again

     Hi Martijn,

    1. If you're pulling data via a secondary data connection, it could be that the schema in the 2DS does not match the schema in the main data source. It's a guess, but that's the most common reason a command like CopyTable or MoveTable would fail. Insert provides a workaround because you can iterate thru a secondary data source and then Insert each row into the main data source. That scenario is documented in here. More info on the qRules command here:

    2. I'm not sure I understand the question.

    qRules has commands that allow you to submit items to a SharePoint list. So let's say you open the form, add 2 items to the repeating table and submit. Those two items are then submitted to the list. If you set up the qRules command to make use of the my:id field, then the ID is stored in the xml. When you reopen the form, those two items are there in your form. You can update them, delete them, add more items: whatever changes you make in your form are submitted by qRules into the list. However, the form needs to have the SharePoint ID in order to modify/rewrite those items back into the list.

    If the form you want to create is meant to manage ALL items in a SharePoint list, then it's easier to just create a SharePoint List form (a default template in InfoPath 2010). I don't think qRules is needed for that scenario.

    Please read this:

    3. You can probably use the SortTable command. It's a pretty simple command - check the user guide for info. Let us know if you run into issues.

    4. An InfoPath form can run a rule on open to determine the current user. This is not dependent on qRules though, so a quick Google search should yield some tutorials on determining current user on open.



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