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Simple Stupid InfoPath 2010 Questions

Last post 09-05-2011 10:26 AM by Patrick Halstead. 1 replies.
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  • 08-30-2011 01:57 PM

    • JohnT
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    Simple Stupid InfoPath 2010 Questions

    Hello All!

     I'm new and have a few questions that should have simple answers...yet I'm having a hard time finding answers.  Would appreciate your help!

     Question 1: I am trying to use an IP form as a data entry form.  I want to data to be stored in an MS SQL Server 2008 database (possibly an Access 2010 db temporarily).  The data entered on one form makes up one record and will have approx 400 fields.  There should be a straightforward way to do this in IP (I would think), but I cannot find it. It seems to be easier to display data than to add it.

    Question 2: I made an attempt to hook up an Access database, but when I tried to map the fields on a form to their corresponsiding fields in the data, I got an error message about binding a non-repeating control to a repeating field or group.  Nothing in my form should repeat. Every record has different data. What am I doing wrong?

    Question 3: What data types in SQL Server and MS Access correspond to which data types in IP?  For example, what should I use as the data type for a check box? Yes/No?  When I choose that type, it gives me an error if I try to submit data.

    Thanks in advance for tolerating these stupid questions.  I SHOULD be able to find it in MS help...but then again, you all know MS help ;-)

  • 09-05-2011 10:26 AM In reply to

    Re: Simple Stupid InfoPath 2010 Questions

    Hi JohnT and welcome,

    Believe it or not, you have discovered some of the limitations inherent in InfoPath's out-of-box support for databases. Those "gaps" were the main reason we developed a generic Web Service back in 2004 for connecting to SQL. It's called DBXL and will allow you to add fields easily and roundtrip data types with full fidelity (since it also stores the XML in SQL). It doesn't work with Access. You can download a free trial from our Qdabra dot com web site under products. It's inexpensive and will save you tremendous amount of time integrating your forms with SQL. Plus it has many other benefits.


    Patrick Halstead
    Project Manager at Qdabra
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