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Send InfoPath form (connected to MS Access database) via Outlook

Last post 06-24-2011 01:42 AM by Patrick Halstead. 1 replies.
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  • 06-23-2011 03:39 AM

    Send InfoPath form (connected to MS Access database) via Outlook

    Hi there Everyone!This is my very first post at this forum as I am very new to InfoPath but very excited about the possibilities it offers. However unfortunatelly I have a big problem.

    At my company everyone has/uses (MS Office 2007 - including Access and InfoPath). I am holding many many meetings with many participants. Previously I have used Outlook Calender to organize these meetings but many times I have lost tracking the dates/times of meetings. The problem was that many people did not reply using the calendar, some of them had some comments in the calendar, and as I hold 2-3 meetings/day I got confused very often about the information I received. So I decided to help somehow myself out.

     Now I have an Access database with columns containing the recipents name, email address, comments and many more. I can send this database for data collection and every reply gets back to the relevant column so I have now everything in one place. Then I heard about InfoPath and I realized how nice interface/form can be created. And here is my problem. I can link my MS Access fields to the InfoPath form but when I want to give the form the option to send the form with outlook it does not let me. I get the message that this type of form can be put only on shared drive. Why can't I send it through outlook? Is there an option to collect data by using an InfoPath form (linked to MS Access database table) and sending it out with Outlook?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!

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  • 06-24-2011 01:42 AM In reply to

    Re: Send InfoPath form (connected to MS Access database) via Outlook

    Probably because your security (under Tools->Form Options) is set to Auto (defaults to Domain) and it should be set to Restricted but then you won't be able to use the Access features. Do you need to send them the form or just the output of the form? I.e. do they have access to a shared drive where they can open the XSN and then submit the results to you via email? The other option is to do something like what Mel describes in this blog post (have two versions of the form - one Restricted and another which integrates with Access that you use to upload the submissions):

    Patrick Halstead
    Project Manager at Qdabra
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