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September 2016 - Posts

  • Formatting Issue Upon Opening of Form

    I recently encountered a formatting issue when I open a form. In the screenshot below, the formatting looks unattractive and the size of the objects are smaller in length. When I download the template and open it in InfoPath, I get the same ugly format.


    I was able to identify another possible cause: screen resolution



    • Right click on your desktop and click Display Settings


    • Adjust option "Change the size of text, apps and other items" to 100%


    • Sign out of your account in Windows


    After logging in, open your form. You will see the correct format



    Take note that this solution is applicable with  Windows 10 with a 3200 x 1800 recommended resolution.

  • Form cannot be opened because it requires the domain permission level and it currently has restricted permission

    I recently encountered problems opening form in the InfoPath 2013 filler after installing 2016 from Office 365. Here's the error message I received:



     While I performed prerequisites to install InfoPath 2013 with Offie2016, I was still unsuccessful. Here are some actions I attempted to resolve the issue:

    • Add /">https://<server>/ to your local intranet zone in Internet Explorer
    • Delete temporary internet files
    • Delete local InfoPath cache
    • Repair/Reinstall Office 2016 and InfoPath 2013

    One action I did as a workaround is to open the form in template Design --> Choose File --> Choose Form Options --> Choose Security and Trust --> Choose Full Trust radio button

     Once this is applied, I was redirected to InfoPath asking credentials and after login I was able to view the form. But if I open any InfoPath file that should connect directly to our site/server it would automatically fail and deny permission


    Solution: It sees that Internet Explorer doesn't register my credentials when I open a form which is why InfoPath denies access

    • Deleted Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer


    • Deleted InfoPath Cached Files in y local machine (in my case it's under C:\Users\Peter Russy Alfafara\AppData\Local\Microsoft\InfoPath


    • Before login, I ticked "Remember me next time" check box


    By doing these steps, I am now able to open any form from our website. 

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