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How Do I Map InfoPath Form Data to a SharePoint List?


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InfoPath makes data collection easy – build a form, publish to SharePoint, and BINGO – your users fill them out. When users save or submit, the form promotes values to SharePoint and it’s easy to create custom views on that data or export it to Excel for further analysis.

But, there’s a problem. You can only promote fields that are not repeating, and most forms have repeating data – in other words, the data world isn’t flat either. Promoted properties for repeating data limit you to aggregating or picking one item. How are you going to get multiple items data fields out of your form? Reporting today is all about “pivoting” data tables. How do you export more than one table from InfoPath?

Out-of-box Solutions

SharePoint comes with two out-of-box solutions, but both are brittle:

Custom Code Solutions

Of course, you could just delegate to your developer and have them:

More Flexible Approach

Yes, there’s a better way – actually a couple! First off, let’s look at a more flexible approach.

Most Scalable

But, what happens when you have thousands of forms with tens of thousands of repeating data items? SharePoint gets indigestion. So, here’s a second solution to overcome those limits and still use SharePoint as your dashboard:

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