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  • How to get the printview and the XSLT file for it?

    Hi! I'd like to be able to automate converting an InfoPath Filler form (with checkboxes) to PDF, without the user having to do anything. The forms are located in SharePoint Online library. As Export to pdf doesn't work with checkboxes, I thought about using the PrintDocument class (C#) and printing...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by hansebs on 01-02-2017
  • Support for XSLT 2.0 transforms

    I'm diving into some manual XSLT uploads and transforms in InfoPath. I can't find any ready documentation about whether any version of InfoPath support XSLT 2.0. From my minimal knowledge of the underlying .NET framework, I suspect that XSLT 2.0 templates are not supported, but if anyone could...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by davidski on 06-12-2013
  • Re: Iterate resource file and select a node if it falls between two dates

    By the way, do you know if there is any tool like Infopath for creating style sheets? I am creating spreadsheets and html pages to discplay my xml data but it is slow going, trial and error to get it to look right. A tool like infopath would be great.
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by barichter on 10-25-2012
  • How can I apply an XSLT to an XML file obtained using web service based form?

    Hi, I need some help, please. I created a form based on a web service, I pass four parameters and the web service returns an XML file. How can apply an XSLT to that XML within the form? There is a function in C#.NET to do that; can I use it within the form? Is there a third party product to do that?...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Ramon84 on 05-23-2012
  • XML to delimited text file for Infopath

    Hi, I am trying to convert the xml file that infopath generated info pipeline delimited file. I managed to write a code that convert xslt stylesheet to delimited file. Now I want to convert xml to xslt and then use my code to convert it into delimited text file. Is there any way to convert xml directly...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by senthilkungumaraj on 08-02-2009
  • xsl transforms and infopath views

    I have an xsl file that transforms infopath xml form data into semicolon-delimited rows in html. Is there a way to import/link this xsl file and create a view in the infopath form that would render the form data in a similiar fashion? The rendered html looks like this: 123456;PC.01.02.07.EP1;2;2;THIS...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by christian_bahnsen on 06-11-2009
  • Open a Linked form in Browser view from a SharePoint Workflow Task List

    Kudos to Russell Wright on his great article entitled " Using XSLT to Create a Forms Server Link on a Task Form ." The premise is that when a workflow is created around an XML form, there is a To-Do item in the task list that links to a view of the form to which the task is linked. Even if...
    Posted to Janice's SharePoint Blog (Weblog) by Janice Thorne on 05-04-2009
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