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  • Repeating Table - Calculate Total

    I have a InfoPath 2013 Form that has a repeating table. The repeating table pulls information from a secondary data source. The customer access the form and selects a category - which filters the repeating tables nomenclature to items in that category. If the nomenclature selected in the form matches...
    Posted to General (Forum) by LaceM on 01-29-2024
  • Calculate Totals From Sharepoint List Repeating Table & Multiple-Selection List Box

    Hello, I've been thrown into the fire with very little experience in InfoPath. I want to display the total cost from a user's multiple-selection list box selections. Google let me to this post which has the solution I need. I believe I duplicated...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by mgrant50 on 04-28-2017
  • Sumif in Infopath (Sum a field meeting a criteria)

    Hi, I'm working on a Expense Report form in InfoPath, and I need to sum a field in a repeating table meeting a criteria -Déjà vu- I need to sum the 'Amount' only when the 'Payment' = "Personal Funds" Last time I had that problem, I used the Sum and Eval functions. So far...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Edwin Brito on 07-02-2016
  • Total of repeating fields

    Hi I have a series of repeating fields which allow end users to select products and services showing the total price of each selection. Is there a way of showing the total of each of the repeating fields as a grand total? Thanks in advance Mark
    Posted to General (Forum) by Mark B on 06-15-2015
  • Sum of fields with multiple conditions

    I have a form which is going to be a financial statement summary of items from other lists. I have a sum field that looks at another list, and if the items are in the BPD division, the request if for equipment, and the fiscal year is 14, it sums up the actual amount. Works great. The current formula...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Katlj on 05-12-2014
  • Sum time fields in repeating section

    Hi, On my form I have sections where users enter the amount of time it took them to complete a task, i.e, section A, user enters 2:00, section B, user enters 3:00. I would like to put a total field on the form that adds up of these times as they go. I know it won't allow me to sum time fields but...
    Posted to General (Forum) by rylane on 03-11-2014
  • InfoPath 2013 - query SharePoint List form and return calculated column results (i.e. sum of all "hours" submitted to list)

    Hi there, I've never submitted a post before, but have gotten excellent information from others' threads - thanks for any assistance you can provide! I'm working on an InfoPath / SharePoint List solution for my team that enables "portfolio management" of our projects. I did not...
    Posted to General (Forum) by BrynC on 01-20-2014
  • using sum with xpath returns 0 when I know there are records

    Hi, I have two sharepoint lists 1. Automation - this list has a whole bunch of fields, but the main ones involved in my issue now are: ID, Title, totalScore 2. Automation-Score - this list has a bunch of fields, but the main ones involved in my issue are: ID, AutomationID (number field), user, score...
    Posted to General (Forum) by lrhone on 12-02-2013
  • Re: repeating section and count function help

    Hi ErnestoM, I have a similar requirement issue but a little different. Hoping you can help with the formula. My repeating table has a drop-down (field1) with about 80 items to choose from; used for inventory. Do you know a formula I could use that will show the items chosen and how many times? Rather...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by CCampbell2074 on 10-08-2013
  • Re: Nested repeating tables and sum

    Just going back to this example, the original post mentioned that the amounts are stored in a NESTED repeating table: /my:RepeaterTable1/my:NestedRepeaterTable/my:MilestoneAmt ( shown as the column amt) I've been able to replicate this solution, but is there a way to do this summary of the MilestoneAmt...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by DTshin on 02-25-2013
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