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  • Adding checkbox into repeating table programmatically (C#)

    Hey Everyone, I have a form with a button that I want use to programmatically retrieve sql data, fill it into a sqldatareader object, which I use to populate a stringbuilder string, to finally append as a child to a repeating table element in infopath. The repeating table has five fields in the schema...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by arkainus on 11-19-2015
  • Print Field Schema?

    Hi, Since InfoPath and SharePoint don't agree on everything , I'm forced to "rebuild" a form. (Thanks a lot Mr. Filtering Repeating Tables!) It would help if I had my old schema printed on paper for there an easy way to do this? Thanks! JF
    Posted to General (Forum) by Baseball17Bucks on 05-23-2013
  • Problem with infopath and code-behind - "Schema validation found non-data type errors"

    hi, i am doing an administrator-approved full trust infopath form. i added skeleton code in the code-behind file, (some addhandlers and blank startup functions). When i pushed it out to the shared drive and uploaded the template in central admin, it started giving me this error, and i could not open...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by ghardy2k on 11-02-2012
  • Side-by-side Document Types to preserve SQL mapping when your form schema changes

    DBXL allows you to create mappings from XML field to SQL columns. However, a problem arises if your schema changes drastically: the existing XML documents will not be compatible with the new form. How can you handle this situation? Here's one way. Click DOWNLOAD above.
    Posted to SQL Integration (FileGallery) by ErnestoM on 01-17-2012
  • Re: How do I import an Infopath Form into an Infopath Form

    You might be able to do this via a brute force method. It will still be a lot of manual labor . NOTE: I haven't tried this yet. What if you do this: Save each of your forms using the "Save as Source Files" method. Take the myschema.xsd file from each, and combine them in to one, being careful...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by suehernandez on 08-24-2011
  • How do I submit multiple schemas to a web service?

    Hello, all. I have successfully set up an InfoPath form template on SharePoint to submit data to a Web Service. Filling the form out from the browser works beautifully. The problem is I will be making lots more form templates that communicate with that one web service so now I need to find a way to make...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by enthdegree_ on 05-26-2011
  • Store Values from a SQL Server Query

    Hi, I currently have an InfoPath 2007 form that is being used to retrieve and update records from a MS SQL Server 2003 database. These records are then being filted based on the current user that is logged in. One table, referred to as CDR (Call Detail Records), has a line item for each call that the...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by JohnNeo on 04-05-2011
  • Optional section based on SQL tables not working well

    Hi all, I am trying to create infopath form (using InfoPath 2003) based on several DB tables and I face the problem with optional sections. I don't know how to properly implement "one to zero or more" relationship in InfoPath. Please help. The problem is described below. Example: One table...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by jozef.fiflik on 01-18-2010
  • HELP

    Hello, I am designing a form template that receives and submits datasets to a web service. The form works fine the first time around, then it cannot retreive the data giving me the message: The query method on the Document object failed. InfoPath cannot run the specified query. The attribute '{ http...
    Posted to Web Services (Forum) by radamesort on 12-10-2009
  • Creating web service from sql server 2005

    Hi, i am not sure if this subject fits here but i am developing a infopath form. I recently learnt that sql server 2005 can create a web service and i was thinking to learn coding for creating a web service in C#. Table 1 {Id, col1, col2}; Table 2 {Id, refToCol1, col2} in other word, table 1 is master...
    Posted to SQL Database Integration (Forum) by tyampoo on 10-23-2009
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