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  • Form Submit on Completion of Electronic Signature

    Hello, Does anyone now if there is a way to set rules on an digital signature action so that once it is complete, the form will automatically be submitted? I am trying to avoid adding an extra step of hitting a submit button. If this is a coding problem, please let me know and provide any code you might...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by gnatzd on 04-23-2014
  • InfoPath 2010 web browser form rules on button click

    Hi, I have a web service that accepts a parameter and based on the parameter i/p, returns the id of the form. I want this action to be performed(USING RULES) upon a button click. Is it doable? I couldn't seem to make it working. I have parameter field in the form, id field and a button. TIA
    Posted to General (Forum) by nemo385 on 04-07-2014
  • IP Form, Repeating Table populated with External Data - Trying to add sort /filter capabilities

    Hi. I have created an InfoPath form that has a repeating table inside of a section. The data is pulled from an ETC. I inserted the form into a page and linked the page to an option in my left navigation. I added a button control to the rows of the repeating table so if a user wants to request a change...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by csigler on 04-01-2014
  • Query data connection not working in Infopath 2010

    Hi - I have created a data connection for my Sharepoint 2010 list to appear in my Form when I click on the drop down of my Application box. It is not set to automatically load each time the form opens. Instead, I wanted to create a rule to query data connection. So, I created the rule to 'each time...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Cindy012 on 03-26-2014
  • Stop Email submittiong after Form is Complete

    Hi All: I have a form that once it is submitted it sends an email and submits the data to a SharePoint list. Now, when the form is edited and then saved again another emails is sent. How can I stop this? I only want one email to be sent. It should only send one email every time a new form is created...
    Posted to General (Forum) by JuanMA on 03-20-2014
  • Validation Rule comparing field value to a phrase including the word "or" is splitting

    In an InfoPath 2010 browser-enabled form that is published as a content type to a SharePoint 2013 form library, I have a multi-line text field that is pre-populated with specifc text. I am trying to add a validation rule that enforces that users change the content of the field, and ran across a bizarre...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Cori1 on 03-06-2014
  • How to do complex formatting rules

    I need to activate a deactivated a button with a complex rule like: If (checkbox c is checked) { if (People Field P1 contains current user) { activate current button } } else { if (People Field P2 contains current user) { activate current button } } How...
    Posted to General (Forum) by elcoms on 02-24-2014
  • Form buttons: 'Save & Copy' and 'Save & New'

    Hi all, I'm creating an InfoPath form that Submits to a SharePoint List in 2010 and will be used by a team of people inputting data. Sometimes they need to input lots of records that are almost identical to each other except for maybe one field. To save them from having to fill out the entire form...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Theonus on 01-23-2014
  • Re: Populate text box if...

    Hi DonStephen, I have repeatedly tried to define rules for auto-populating one field on my form and even following your example, I am still not able to accomplish this. My form is rather simple: One drop down for the user to select DEBIT or CREDIT which in turn needs to populate the Billing Type field...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by MisselaEinTN on 12-12-2013
  • Rule to add date from sharepoint list value

    Hello All, I have a question that I have been trying to answer for sometime now and I am completely stuck and need some help. I have an Info Path '10 browser form that, upon submit gets sent to a SP '10 library. This form is data bound to XML files to populate Drop down list so the form doesn't...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by brunettej on 12-09-2013
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