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  • qRules RefreshSharePointListItems - Walkthrough for v4.2

    In version 4.2 of qRules, we made a number of changes to simplify the SubmitToSharePointList command. Those changes also impact the RefreshSharePointListItems command - in a good way, I'm glad to say. Like SubmitToSharePointList, you can now run the refresh command for multiple lists with a single...
    Posted to Hilary Stoupa (Weblog) by Hilary Stoupa on 07-05-2012
  • qRules and SharePoint-related Commands

    Scenario Have you ever wanted to be able to add InfoPath form data to SharePoint list? Sure, promoted properties in your form library are fine – for one layer deep data. Real world data often has one to many relationships, however (think Customers and Orders, or Orders and Products), and SharePoint and...
    Posted to Mel Balsamo (Weblog) by Mel Clemente on 11-18-2010
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