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  • Microsoft user researchers looking for infopath users

    I work at Microsoft on the PowerApps product team. PowerApps is Microsoft's new tool for enhancing SharePoint. I'd like to give you an opportunity to join the official PowerApps user research panel. We are particularly interested in existing InfoPath users so that we can understand how people...
    Posted to General (Forum) by matthewbolanos on 04-14-2017
  • A few questions?

    Hello Forum Members, My name is Martijn and I'm from Holland and I'm looking for help. I've searced the web for clear answers for my question but haven't found them yet so I will ask them myself. I currently working with a non-profit foundation which need to retrieve online data from...
    Posted to General (Forum) by martijn_vl on 08-09-2011
  • Form cannot be submitted because the form could not be added to the email message as attachment

    I created and published an InfoPath 2003 form template to a public corporate share drive with Read & Execute permissions for everyone. I used code to execute email data connection. The form works fine for everyone except one user suddenly had a problem submitting a form. We use MS Outlook 2003. We...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by DMountain on 07-31-2009
  • Re: Sharepoint Designer Workflow Issue - Fields Being Cleared

    For what it's worth: While searching for an answer out on the web, I was able to find someone else who experienced the same issue. Here's a link to what they experienced. It appears to be a SharePoint Server Timeout issue. I'm not sure of the solution (probably more of a Server Admin thing...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by zxkuqyb on 03-25-2009
  • Browser Based forms and Workflow Tasks Edit button

    In the Infopath 2007 client if there is a workflow task associated with a form there is an "Edit this Task" button. Can that button be displayed in a browser base form. The form is a Central Admin form uploaded to the form server and activated to the site collection. Users don't like to...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Susan50 on 07-10-2008
  • Re: Moving Infopath 2003 form after approval

    Hi, I eventually went for a batch file running in the background on a scheduled task. This is far from ideal and I think Microsoft should have included a "Move to Site" option by default in the Workflow Designer.
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by erugalatha on 07-24-2007
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