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  • 2013 InfoPath Merging Issue

    Hi. I'm working with InfoPath 2013. The file is saved on my desktop. I'm getting the error "Microsoft cannot merge data from the following form: [form name] An error occurred Catastrophic Failure Yet when I check for design errors it says I'm good. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Posted to General (Forum) by Rocketgirlot on 04-26-2016
  • InfoPath merging

    Have a few very big forms on SharePoint made with InfoPath. Before I upgraded office to 2013 the merge functionality was working perfectly, however after the update the merge function stopped working on our SharePoint site. When we try to merge the forms we get a catastrophic failure. Is there a fix...
    Posted to General (Forum) by xzillus on 06-22-2015
  • Re: Merging InfoPath 2010 form in SharePoint 2013

    I have the exact same problem. I thought it might have come from something in the older template. Apparently not. I created a brand new 2013 form with a single element with no luck. same error - This form contains invalid XML it claims the XML document must have a top element which it does! Am I missing...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by vypatern on 06-24-2014
  • Iterate through an InfoPath Multi-Selection box and write to SP List

    Hello, I'm relatively new to InfoPath development but at a reasonable level. What I have is an InfoPath form that allows users to submit up to 4 items from the same SP lookup list. The fields are name1, name2, name3 and name4. Each field also has a category which states what part of the business...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by paulct on 01-30-2013
  • Decimal Data Type Node in Group Won't Merge Into New (Target) Form

    I have an IP 2007 form template. One non-repeating group has 12 nodes in one group: 3 of the 12 are decimal data types with default value set to $0; the other 9 are text data types with no default values. When I attempt to merge the results of one form from the template into another, all 9 text nodes...
    Posted to General (Forum) by cbrown00 on 04-17-2011
  • merging data in one form to a new form template

    I have a form that allows users to search for a name or add a name if the name has not been entered in the Access Database it is connected to. Immediatily after the user submits the form in to the database or finds a matching record already in the database I want the user to be able to open a new form...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jwebster1979 on 12-14-2010
  • Sharepoint Contains Filter

    Hey All, I have a form that contains checkbox inputs for multiple inputs. I'm aggregating these selections into one text box field for ease of display to the user. The result is a column which contains nemerous comma seperated selections (all predefined input, no user input). The issue I'm having...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Mikem on 08-07-2008
  • Merging forms

    I am using Infopath 2007 with a published form to a SharePoint Forms Library. I have a repeating section node as the container for the fields of my form. In merge settings for the repeating section node I am using the default settings "Insert order": After groups in the target form and "Remove...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by Kurte on 04-02-2008
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