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  • Re: Mailto: hyperlinks with Windows 10

    This is a frustrating bug I've encountered on occasion when designing forms, haven't yet been able to determine why or when it is triggered. To resolve, select text to be hyperlinked, and simply add the mailto link in the Data source section, not the Address section, of the Hyperlink details...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by TMCade on 02-10-2021
  • Mailto: link disappears when selection made

    I have an InfoPath 2013 web form. On it I am setting a field for secretaryemail. I also set a field we will call mailto that concat('mailto:', secretaryemail). I then add a hyperlink on the form and set the "Link To" to the mailto field in the datasource. When I preview the form and...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by zanne on 08-21-2018
  • Mailto Link problem

    Hello My question si between InfoPath and Internet Explorer, though I don't know where I can ask it... It is an InfoPath problem since I have to use a mailto link in InfoPath browser forms, and I don't have any solution to do that. I know there is a problem with mailto links with Internet Explorer...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by Emmanuel01 on 10-23-2013
  • Mailto Links cause IE page cannot be displayed but open outlook item

    So we have a few mailto links within our infopath 2010 browser form and when clicking the mailto link, the behavior exhibited is unwanted... The form populates the mailto: into the address bar of IE then says page cannot be displayed, instead of staying on the form. There are various other people that...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by david lowe on 09-05-2013
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