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  • Trial installation fails

    I am trying to install the trial server version. My server is Windows 2012 R2 and SQL server is 2012. The installation stops in the "Creating table views..." phase according to the instllation GUI, but I do not think that is correct. Because when I look into the database, lots of views and...

    Hi I currently purchased the QDabra File Drop active X control but having issues installing it I ran the batch file and it was all good but I cannot find the location for the ICT file as it does not exist I run windows 8 Pro and InfoPath 2013, has anyone else had this issue?
    Posted to Qdabra Tools (Forum) by Joedy on 07-08-2014
  • Using the install tool to install the "Qdabra InfoPath to SharePoint List Tool" form

    When dragging the "Qdabra InfoPath to SharePoint List Tool" to the forminstaller, I get an error that says: An unexpected error occurred: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID xxxx see image for details. I am running Windows 7 64bit. Must be missing something.
    Posted to Qdabra Tools (Forum) by aarenz on 09-17-2013
  • Installation issue

    Trying to install the free trial server edition. We have Sharepoint 2007 and SQL 2008R2. Next month we are getting a new server farm and putting out Sharepoint 2010 and we would like to browserize all our Infopath forms. Rather than hire someone to write web services we were considering Qdabra DBXL....
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by 3steps on 08-19-2011
  • Installation Error 2869

    Trying to install for testing. Windows 2003 server running SharePoint 2007 and a backend server running Windows 2003 with Sql 2005. I've done some looking and tried some of the suggestions and also double checked accounts, ports, etc. Looks like the error is related to Silverlight. Not sure why it's...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by natalied on 03-14-2011
  • Re: Infopath to Sharepoint List Tool Installation Problem

    When I open the InfoPath to SharePoint List Tool, after performing all of the preceeding steps (attaching xsn, selecting sharepoint list, etc), when I click on the browse button to select my repeating group, my List Importer Schema Tree is displaying HTML code. It's not the nice GUI tree structure...
    Posted to Qdabra Tools (Forum) by bjanssen on 09-09-2010
  • DBXL Installation Issue/Question

    I tried the trial out on my workstation and everything installed swimmingly, loved the product, and we're purchasing DBXL. Now we're trying to install it on our servers so that we can start using it in production. But, I am a little confused by the language in your installation guide. To me,...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by lorelei01 on 07-27-2010
  • Error when trying to install Query Builder

    I'm getting the attached error when trying to install Query Builder.
    Posted to Qdabra Tools (Forum) by imstac on 01-20-2010
  • DBXL Install Issues

    At what appears to be the 90% mark of the installation process, the setup app throws an access denied error. When I click OK, it seems to finish the process but when I attempt to access either the Forms or the QdabraWebService virtual directories I am challenged for authentication. I enter the local...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by steve.dark on 05-06-2008
  • Re: Installation Trouble

    [quote user="jthrasher"]I can't get the uninstall to complete :( "An exception occurred while uninstalling. This exception will be ignored and the uninstall will continue. However, the application might not be fully uninstalled after the uninstall is complete. --> The savedState...
    Posted to Qdabra Database Accelerator (Forum) by ErnestoM on 01-11-2008
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