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  • Custom Pattern Validation Rule - Unable to use Apostrophes?

    Hi Everyone, I'm having a problem with a validation rule that we're using on text fields that we're using for email entry on some forms. We're using the following custom pattern to try and ensure people are entering emails in a standard format, if they don't they get the usual red...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Nerge on 12-10-2020
  • Only Positive Integers Allowed while working with Person or Group field

    Hello All, As per the Microsoft norms we can not use more than 8 person or group in our custom list. And my requirement was to place 18 Person or Group field form multi level of approval. So as a cheep trick, I had created a new custom list which contains all the mail IDs & i had used that as LOOKUP...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by infohunk on 09-23-2015
  • Making People Picker in Section to be Required Field

    Hello All, Pretty new to Infopath 2010 - just started new job in past 2 weeks and have an issue that I couldn't find an exact answer to. Here is my issue: I have a drop down list named (Active Analyst) that when set to 'Yes' populates a separate section that has a Person Picker called (Analyst...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Andrew LaForge on 02-28-2014
  • Getting FormErrorCollection after using DeleteAll

    Hi, I have a save button that usese the deleteAll method of the FormErrorCollection that clears all errors in an Infopath form. This is to make madatory fields, none manadatoy so users can save a form at any point whilst editing. Is there a way of getting the form errors again without closing and opening...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Ian on 10-10-2013
  • Form cannot submit after validation is resolved

    Hi I have a form with quite a few fields that have validation rules. The form works 100% when these rules are adhered to, however if a rule is not met, the form correctly validates, a dialog box pops up and informs the user of the error with the red asterisk. Once the user has corrected the error, the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Solly on 08-29-2013
  • Increase/Limit Number of Characters in RichTextBox

    Hi there, I have a rich text box (with out table, images or hyperlinks). I validated the text box using string-length(.) > 250 Problem here is when i enter 250 chars and click saves perfectly but when i edit the record it shows me the red ribbon (my custom message "more than 250 chars"...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by SP2010Newbie on 10-10-2012
  • Validation Rule Conundrum

    Hi InfoPathers: I've got an unexpected validation rule behavior that I need a little help making sense of. In my InfoPath 2010 filler form, I have my users enter something called a Product Categorization. This consists of a repeating table that contains a radiobutton choice indicating whether their...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-29-2012
  • Re: Ensuring Unique Combobox Data?

    I made this one harder than it needed to be - I think because I was thinking about how I'd do the same thing in Access, which involves opening a recordset and looping through all the records checking for a match - not pretty! I ended up going with a validation rule using this code: optReqType = "New"...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-23-2012
  • Ensuring Unique Combobox Data?

    Hi InfoPathers: My InfoPath 2010 filler form has a repeating table that contains something called Product Categorizations (Prod Cats), each of which consists of 4 tiers of comboboxes - Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Product Name. Because there are currently 836 unique Prod Cats (and the list is expected...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by nkstrou on 02-22-2012
  • Data Validation error in Repeating Table / Section

    Hello, I have an expnense claim form that I've designed in IP 2010 that has just started to play up on me and I can't figure out what's going wrong. I have a repeating section that is set as a master/detail for all a user's expense items. I currently have no form of data validation set...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Anonymous on 07-04-2011
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