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  • InfoPath Form Web Part not available in Sharepoint.

    Hi, I am trying to set up a simple web part page as a learning exercise but am having an issue when it comes to adding the InfoPath form. When i go to Add a Web Part and then click on Forms in categories, i only get the HTML Form Web Part option and not the InfoPath Form Web Part. Dioes anyone have...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Divestorm on 12-03-2015
  • Infopath Dynamic Hyderlink

    I created a form based on the results after the search I need a hyperlink on any one of the result fields. If we click on that particular field it has to open a new form which should contains the information like additional fields about that hyperlink field. Is this kind of hyperlink possible in Infopath...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Palvayi on 11-04-2015
  • Re: writing InfoPath multiple selection box to values to Text fileld

    The solution to retrieving only newly selected checkboxes value from selection box when an item is modified 1. Create a text field (Categories_Values) and set a rule to dump the value of the listbox (Categories) field into it. 2. In SP Designer set variable, if the selection box field (Categories) has...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Alexz on 10-27-2015
  • Repeating Table

    I am looking to use information that I have entered from a repeating table to appear in another view. However, I want to be able to choose which row of information from the repeating table I want to be displayed in the view. Is this possible? :)
    Posted to General (Forum) by shan93 on 10-07-2015
  • Only Positive Integers Allowed while working with Person or Group field

    Hello All, As per the Microsoft norms we can not use more than 8 person or group in our custom list. And my requirement was to place 18 Person or Group field form multi level of approval. So as a cheep trick, I had created a new custom list which contains all the mail IDs & i had used that as LOOKUP...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by infohunk on 09-23-2015
  • Shrink to fit text in a textbox control

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out a way to have the text shrink to fit a fixed width textbox. The form is being converted to PDF for printing so the textbox controls on this form cannot be auto resized. I'm pretty sure I have to do this programmatically in the code behind. Any ideas or suggestions...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by jlmann on 08-20-2015
  • Compare logged in user with users from SharePoint list

    Hi, I want to compare the user that are filling out the InfoPath form with users in a SharePoint list, to check if the logged in user are the same as in the list. I can get it to work if I only want to look in the column in the list. However, I want to set a filter and therefore only look at one single...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by louidam on 07-28-2015
  • Opening InfoPath Filler Client through Firefox or Chrome

    Hello, We have a need to use Firefox or Chrome (if Firefox is a problem) to navigate SharePoint 2013. A problem that we ran into is that InfoPath forms open up in the browser with these web browsers. Our questions is very similar to the one below. I tried the feature in the solution but it did not resolve...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by bwalker on 07-21-2015
  • Outlook 2010 and InfoPath 2010

    Is there a way to use an infopath form submitted through email to do back and forth collaboration? Let me set the stage. In my organization we perform a QC on configurations entered into our IRT. This QC always raises questions, comment, and recommended edits. Right now it is all housed in email but...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by ceraeh13 on 07-17-2015
  • InfoPath Form Library Filter

    Hi, I've created an InfoPath Form Library (2010), with a repeating table, and a repeating section. The repeating table contains 3 cascading dropdowns, which the third dropdown filters the text box in the repeating section. They contain type, positions, description, with detailed description in the...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dragione on 07-08-2015
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