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  • Drop-down options in List customized in InfoPath pulls ID instead of Text

    Hoping Hilary can help: I have a SP 2010 list I'm customizing in InfoPath. I have a drop-down field with a data connection to another SP List (the field name I'd like is a lookup column to yet another SP list). The drop-down is giving me the ID instead of name I've chosen. I've reviewed...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by blue8rose on 06-18-2013
  • multiple selected list box

    how to write a code to deal with multiple selected listbox and update multiple data in database at once? OR, how to make functionality in infopath so that it can send a form multiple times through one submit button and update database? for example: if user checked on 3 checkbox of multiple selection...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Diwash on 05-07-2013
  • Data connection does not contain Person/Group field into list of fields

    I'm creating a data connection and selecting Receive data from SharePoint list . The list in question is a custom list (called Approvers) which contains: Name ( People/Group field) , Title (Single line) , Department (Single line), Division (Single line) , Threshold (number) etc. When I bind the data...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Vas_InfoPath on 04-10-2012
  • How to query secondary data source without using code behind.

    Hi, I have a web service as a secondary data source. I'd like to know how to pass a parameter and get results back. If I design the InfoPath form with web service as main data source, InfoPath automatically puts "Run Query" button and all I have to do is just drag and drop fields. But I...
    Posted to General (Forum) by gombear on 03-03-2011
  • user data input saved to template

    Not sure if this can be done but after you complete a form. Lets say you have a drop down list, and it has some values. Can we, overtime, have the data that users input be integrated in to that form so that lets say we are choosing from a field called Vendors which I currently placed only 2 options,...
    Posted to General (Forum) by momk15 on 11-29-2010
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