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  • Convert Days to hours rules

    So I had this working then I messed with it. I am following the attached example i got from and it does work, however because I...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Ruenells on 11-15-2019
  • Advanced Conditional Rules

    Hello, I have a form that has 7 questions, with Yes/No responses (radio buttons) available for each question. If questions number 3 & 7 get a "Yes" response, I have set up a rule to send an email notification. However, I also want the form to send an email notification if there are 3 or...
    Posted to General (Forum) by jhavard84 on 07-28-2016
  • autocheck a multi check box based on another field

    Hello, I am trying to pre check more than one check box based on another field. I am almost there. I can prepopulate a single check box but can't figure out the action rule logic to check 2 or more check boxes. My environment is InfoPath 2010. My check box field uses a SharePoint list data source...
    Posted to General (Forum) by on 06-03-2015
  • How to send email via button without submitting form

    I have a form that works well. I enter information and hit the save button and it is submitted to an existing SP list. I want to add a submit button that will send whatever information has been added to the form without saving or submitting the form. The form was created to track quotes for jobs and...
    Posted to SharePoint Integration (Forum) by IPnewguy on 09-06-2014
  • Re: Help and explaination of a format control on phone numbers?

    There is no single formula to translate all of these different formats. What you want is a separate action rule for each phone number format. Each rule will have a condition checking if the phone number is format X, and if it is then you will have a translate function to translate the phone number into...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by JenniferLindsay on 08-03-2014
  • Dynamic Textbox Reference Based on User Selection of Radio Buttons

    Trying to figure out if it's possible to dynamically reference a field name with a control result via formula. I currently have 5 radio buttons that return integers 1-5. Next to each radio button is a text box with a text value. If the user clicks a radio button, it should pass the corresponding...
    Posted to General (Forum) by dtklos on 10-23-2013
  • Add item to numbered list box with c# or rules in Infopath?

    Hi I have an Infopath form with a number of drop down list boxes populated with different data. When a button is clicked I want the selected value taken from each drop down box and then added to a numbered list box. There will be a number of entrys to the numbered list box. How do i do this? I can only...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by aido222 on 02-11-2013
  • How can I set the value in a Repeating Table Textbox Using a Rule

    I need to write a new value to a SharePoint List and I am doing this via a repeating form. See this earlier post: The problem is the user will not type this information in to the repeating table, I need it to be copied to the repeating table...
    Posted to General (Forum) by bissettbd on 12-16-2010
  • File attachment name rule

    Hi everyone. I'm making a form where two files are required to be attached. These files are generated from other forms, so the names are uniform and predictable. Ideally, I'd like to have a rule where only files with the name "Risk Assessment for (Title)" would be accepted. However...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by MikeBrandman on 06-17-2010
  • Export rules of infopath form to Excel or word

    Hi, I am wondering if there is any way,i can export all the rules,conditional formatting and datavalidations to excel for documentation.Because,if some one changes the rules of existing form in feature,it would create errors in form functionality.So,i thought of documenting all the rules ,conditional...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Aditya on 02-14-2010
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