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  • Get file link from itemmetadata.xml

    hi can anyone please tell me the Field id for the link to the file in itemmetadata.xml. any other way of finding the site to which the task belongs is also welcome.
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Saksham on 06-15-2009
  • [Solved] Create a Repeating Table based on whether another repeating table entry is not blank

    I had a hard time searching for this one. Some quick background, I have a device and applications changes section in a form for project support transition. In it is a repeating table for device additions. One of the fields is Device Name. What I want to do is when the Device Name field is not blank ...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by drake on 02-27-2009
  • filter bool values

    Hello folks, I have a repeating table with checkboxes and a repeating folder with values to update. When I select a checkbox, I want to set all check fields which have the same article number as the one which depend on the checkbox to the value of the selected checkbox. I tried to set a rule with a filter...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by tylkomat on 01-19-2009
  • Re: Populating one repeating table from another only shows first row

    After much work and on preview 980 (yes, that is 980 different previews learning this) I have create this code snippit that works for me very well. This is currently connected to a MS access database, but if I was to create an XML structure for this it would probably look like this <myFields> <dataFields>...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by MrQuestion on 12-17-2008
  • Conditional Formatting to Hide Control

    I want a control to always be hidden unless it is one of the three specified users who are in the form. So, I added a field that will hold the current user name Then, put a condition on the field I want hidden, to be hidden if Current user is not equal to melissam That worked just fine. So I proceeded...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by MelissaM on 06-20-2008
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