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  • Closing an InfoPath Form after Printing is complete

    I have a user that wants the form he is filling in to automatically print and close the form when he clicks on a button. I've managed to get the form to print when the button is closed but when I then add the Close element to the code the form closes before it has a chance to print. The example code...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by p062467 on 11-11-2008
  • Needing some help...

    I'm fairly new to InfoPath and have run into a problem on a form I'm trying to build. The form is hosted on SharePoint and will be used by employees to submit a request for a new team site to be created. Within the form there are repeating tables with drop downs to select employees to be designated...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by joshk on 12-03-2007
  • Re: Saving a field back to a data a source(Access)

    Do you mean this posting below? Where do you find the manifest.xsf file? If I need to you have an example? I need to update the row in the table that matches the autonumber field(key). I can update the same field on the form that is not part of the repeatig table and it works fine. But I need...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by m181354 on 09-24-2007
  • Re: Submitting an InfoPath 2003 form back to an Access database

    I already have the form connected to an Access database to receive information(i didn't see an option for submit). I created it from an extisting Access database so it would setup the query options for me. I connect to quieries I wrote in Access for dropdown boxes and to fill in most areas of the...
    Posted to Microsoft Access (Forum) by m181354 on 09-19-2007
  • The following DataObject either cannot be created or cannot be initialized

    I have been running 4 queries(from an Access database) on an InfoPath 2003 form for the last month. I started getting the following error this morning. Does anyone know why? The following DataObject either cannot be created or cannot be initialized: Cam Query The query cannot be run for the following...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by m181354 on 09-19-2007
  • Converting from MS Infopath to ASCII format

    I need help on being able to convert MS infopath form into ASCII format. I have created a form which the user will save it as 'XML' format but give an option for them to convert it to ASCII format. Is this possible? I would like to format the ASCII format in certain way. (like cancat. firstname...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by schung on 07-20-2007
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