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  • DateTime Picker - Setting Time based on value of Field A but Time based on value of Field B - Possible???

    I have a scheduling form that I created where workflow is triggered and updates a SharePoint calendar. The problem is TIME. It is just too much entry for my users and they really don't need to be percise down to the minute. Sooooo I would like to give them a Date Picker and a dropdown with values...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by csigler on 10-18-2012
  • False Selection

    I created a form that has a drop down box control that will pull up the office of an employee based on the selection of the employee in another drop down box. All of the information is pulled from a sharepoint list. The drop down for the office works except one thing. It will show the correct office...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by kjfrazier on 07-01-2011
  • Load Dropdown with Last and first name which are columns in a list

    Hi everyone, I'm new to infopath and developing a form where I need to load user data in the format of "LastName, FirstName" which forms columns of a list. The form which I develope is browser enabled one. Would someone help me on the above task. Thanks,
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by mcmadhan on 07-23-2009
  • Needing some help...

    I'm fairly new to InfoPath and have run into a problem on a form I'm trying to build. The form is hosted on SharePoint and will be used by employees to submit a request for a new team site to be created. Within the form there are repeating tables with drop downs to select employees to be designated...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by joshk on 12-03-2007
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