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  • Query large XML secondary data source

    Hi, I am kind of newbie to Infopath. So it would be great if anyone can help me. I am using infopath 2010, solution requires just to run offline i.e. on desktop and tablets. i have xml secondary datasource, which is actually huge i.e. around 5000 items. I have set this not to load on form load...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by nikunj_mistry on 02-22-2013
  • Re: Prompt User to submit if Fields changed when they click button

    Here's one way to do it: The idea is to store a copy of the form fields & values immediately after opening, and then add a function to detect when the fields have changed. When the user clicks your close button, call this function and if the values have changed, add code to submit the form; if...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by JenniferLindsay on 01-17-2013
  • Re: Stuck on an expression in InfoPath

    Thanks, I noticed that yesterday as well! Do you have any idea how I can display the terms for a specific managed metadata group and not all terms from all groups? I'm trying to specify a dropdown list to only show for instance group "A"'s terms but I'm right now getting both A...
    Posted to Qdabra qRules (Forum) by GustafTornquist on 12-11-2012
  • ViewInfos.SwitchView getting view name from field

    Using Infopath 2010, browser enabled form on Sharepoint 2010, coding is in VB. I created a field called GoToView that get's the name of a view based on a Sharepoint list with a filter based on two drop down boxes. To verify the result I temporary show the content of this field in a text box. This...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by Sander0123 on 11-21-2012
  • Save Event - Determine If Validation Errors Exist

    Hi InfoPathers, I am attempting to prevent users from saving a form if there are validation errors. Note: I cannot eliminate the ability to save, as I offer the ability to save forms locally for offline use. Users are abusing the save functionality to override field validation. Is there a way in the...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by kcorbet on 11-16-2012
  • Problem with infopath and code-behind - "Schema validation found non-data type errors"

    hi, i am doing an administrator-approved full trust infopath form. i added skeleton code in the code-behind file, (some addhandlers and blank startup functions). When i pushed it out to the shared drive and uploaded the template in central admin, it started giving me this error, and i could not open...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by ghardy2k on 11-02-2012
  • Calculate a time taken to complete a Task

    Hi, I have a form where it contains a start date and time, and an end date and time. I am trying to work out how long the task was open for based on working days and times... Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30. Does anyone know how i could calculate this using jscript code, or any other way? Manny Thanks...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Tank86 on 10-26-2012
  • Data Connections causing Inserting a new row to a Repeating table to act slowly

    Hi, I am designing an InfoPath 2007 form which has a repeating table that contains two rather large Data connections linked to SharePoint lists. The trouble is, when inserting additional rows this gets slower and slower the more I try to add. Is there any way I can speed this up? I was thinking i maybe...
    Posted to Data Connections (Forum) by Tank86 on 10-26-2012
  • Qdabra.Dbxl.Client DLL

    This is a .NET library for use in interacting with DBXL from .NET code. See the following blog post for more details: The current version is
    Posted to Other Subjects (FileGallery) by Jimmy on 09-17-2012
  • Load Event Only Works in Preview

    I have created a load event within InfoPath using vbs. My issue is that the code executes fine when I open it in preview mode from the design window. However, I attempt to fill out the form, as the users will, the event does not occur. I don't know if it is worth noting, but when I preview the form...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by shep123 on 08-06-2012
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