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  • Calculate a time taken to complete a Task

    Hi, I have a form where it contains a start date and time, and an end date and time. I am trying to work out how long the task was open for based on working days and times... Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30. Does anyone know how i could calculate this using jscript code, or any other way? Manny Thanks...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Tank86 on 10-26-2012
  • Re: Establish how the form was opened!!

    Hilary, Brilliant! this will be a major enabler for us. It works in jscript with the following code:- function OpenNewFormandPassData::OnClick(eventObj) { var fred = Application.XDocuments.NewFromSolution("C:\\MyForm.xsn"); // Open new form var source = XDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by TerryB on 02-25-2010
  • Form Read Only: On Open

    Hello, any insight on the following is greatly appreciated... Situation : If "User A" accesses a previously submitted Form and "User B" tries to access the same Form, "User B" will recieve the following message: "The form cannot be filled out because you do not have...
    Posted to General (Forum) by zxkuqyb on 02-04-2010
  • InfoPath text field acts inconsistently!!!!!!!!

    Hi all InfoPath users, I have been developing for the last couple of months a complex SharePoint site, which number of InfoPath libraries. Currently I am experiencing something very strange. I have a form document which is opened from the main form with the help of NewFromSolution. I copy some field...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Svetoslav on 12-08-2009
  • Date and Time Onload

    I have a form that has to auto fill fields, Date and RFQ ( which is a number built from the current date and time ). On the creation of a new form, these both work perfectly. My problem is after a form has been filled and saved to Share Point, when it is re-opened, the feilds are updated to the current...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Gannje on 12-01-2009
  • Catastrophic Failure in Infopath While submitting to the Form Library

    Hi, Using the below code i am trying to submit the infopath form in a form library in MOSS 2007. XDocument.DataAdapters["Data Connection Name"].Submit(); Here i am getting the error is "The form cannot be submitted to the following location : http://.... (site name/filename.xml) "...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by rtkfour2 on 10-16-2009
  • Re: Transferring data between two forms

    See article Programattically Transfer Data Between InfoPath Forms for details and instructions on how to transfer data between two InfoPath forms programmatically using a JScript example similar to the above. If using SharePoint you can submit the data to a SharePoint list from the first form eith using...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Daniels on 08-31-2009
  • Send Email after a radio button is selected in a repeating table (OnAfterChange event)

    Hi all, I have to following problem considering a repeating table with the follwing of collumns: User Email Approve/Reject The collumn Approve/Reject consists of two radio buttons for approval or rejection. I want when a user selects one of the radio buttons, an automatic email notification to be send...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Svetoslav on 04-24-2009
  • need custom submit code sample/example

    I'm new to InfoPath. Can someone post some sample code for submit. My immediate interest is in code to handle email submission. Or is there a way to view the code associated with a normal submit button? A normal submit button to an email address doesn't seem to generate any script code, or at...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by christian_bahnsen on 04-05-2009
  • Setting the value of a date field in a repeating table equal to the field in the main data source in code using InfoPath 2003.

    I have created a Time Sheet form. When I click on the datepicker to select the beginning date of the week (which is Sunday), I want that date to be place in the first row of the repeating table. When I reference the field which is (XDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:MainSelectionWeekOf"...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by JermaineCross on 02-11-2009
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