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  • 「日付けの選択コントロール」を隠す

    条件付き書式を使って、日付けの選択コントロールを隠そうとしたことがありますか?実は、これが出来ないのです!何故このオプションが 無効にされているのかは謎ですが、InfoPath 2007でもこの点は改善されていません。それでも日付けの選択コントロールを隠したい場合のために、ちょっとした細工をお教えしましょう。 セクション コントロールを追加して、その中に日付けの選択コントロールを置き、そのセクション コントロールの条件付き書式を設定するのです。セクション コントロールを何かにバインドしておかなければいけませんが、単にその日付けのノードにバインドすることをお勧めします。とすると、関係が良く分かるし...
    Posted to Shiraz Cupala (Weblog) by Kaoru Okumura on 11-01-2006
  • Hide a Date Picker Control

    Have you ever tried to hide a date picker control using conditional formatting? Well you can’t! We don’t know why this option is disabled on the conditional formatting dialog. InfoPath 2007 doesn’t fix this either. We know you still need to hide those date pickers. Here’s a trick...
    Posted to Shiraz Cupala (Weblog) by Shiraz Cupala on 09-08-2006
  • I Just Can't Focus with This Section in My View

    I uncovered the source of this problem on 2004-09-17 after a tester had a usability issue on some other work I was doing. I've reported this problem to Microsoft. DESCRIPTION: A common design scenario that you may want to use it to have a set of option buttons on your form that have associated sections...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 09-17-2004
  • A Tall Tale About My Field

    I uncovered this problem quite a while ago, but on 2004-09-02 it finally got to me enough, when I needed to actually use a structure like this, to write something about it. I've reported this problem to Microsoft. DESCRIPTION: There is an problem in InfoPath where the designer thinks fields are invalid...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 09-02-2004
  • Choose Your Section Wisely

    I uncovered this problem on 2004-08-18 while hard at work creating a form. It caused me quite a headache at first until I was able to narrow and then finally track down the problem. I've reported it to Microsoft. DESCRIPTION: The problem seems to stem from inserting a non-repeating group into the...
    Posted to Greg Collins (Weblog) by Greg Collins on 08-18-2004
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