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  • Re: Enable and Disable the features upon Approval

    Thank you very much Hilary, When i tried to load the form in sharepoint and gave the permission as contribute to all employees (And if i don't give the permission as contribute he (Supervisor) will not able to edit the form). In supervisor section once he approved and submit, he can go back and edit...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by mzaheer_abbas on 09-05-2022
  • Enable and Disable the features upon Approval

    Hello to everyone, This is my first post and asking for kind support please! Reference to attached .xsn file following are required or doable. 1-Once submitting the request creator cannot able to modify the form again. 2-Once creator enter the supervisor email, only entered supervisor can able...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by mzaheer_abbas on 08-30-2022
  • How to create a submit button in an InfoPath Form to email a specific recipient for approval

    Hello, I have created a form on InfoPath that once filled out, will need approval from a specific person. I have included a box where the person who is filing it out can insert the recipients email address, which will always cange dependent on who is filing it out. Once the form is the submitted it will...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Lucia123 on 01-02-2018
  • Else statements not working

    pls help, i built a form in infopath 2013, and i added two radio buttons , one for approved and one for not approved, so i built the workflow (see attached below), the" if approved "stages all work fine till the end of the workflow (if approved, it actually moves to the next stage and all the...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Jay88 on 08-07-2015
  • Is it possible to show status of a workflow on infopath?

    Is it possible to show the status of a workflow on an item in infopath. If I create a column and direct a data-connect to that column in a textbox, the value shows up as either 16 or 2. I want to see Pending or Approved. Could someone kindly directly to useful links that explains these issues?
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by rasensage on 07-10-2012

    Hi, I am having difficult populating a document URL in a sent email. I have a form library in which a user can create a new form. I have started a workflow initated by a form being created. I then need to send an email with the url of the form that was created. I would usually just use "assign a...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Cuddy8 on 08-01-2011

    Hi, I am having extreme difficulty in making my workflow work. I am creating a workflow that will grab an email address from a text box field in an infopath form and use that email address to assign a to do item. I can make the workflow work the first time. My difficulty is after it works the first time...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by Cuddy8 on 07-30-2011
  • Infopath "browser enabled" form with a custom workflow, different views to be shown to different people

    Hello I am new to infopath. I intend to develop a new infopath form which will have the following salient features. If anyone can please guide me on it. (I dont know much of coding so I will not be able to do much of code customizations, but I can surely use SPD for custom workflows.) 1. The end user...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by amarnathsahu on 02-25-2010
  • Confirmation screen then approval sent via Notes.

    Can someone help me in creating a confirmation screen to show all the information the customer provided after they hit the submit button? On the confirmation screen it will give the customer the option to go back and edit or "confirm" their request. Then I have a "gpContactSelector"...
    Posted to Workflow (Forum) by riehmc on 01-21-2009
  • Re: Signing a Web Based form

    Hey Clay, Hmm, it rhymes :) actually, It's a weird request from a customer because when you are logging into your computer, you actually writing your user name and password so why do it again? At the end, I only need a WS that open up a form and asking for user name and password after the user press...
    Posted to Browser Forms (Forum) by wintert on 05-13-2008
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