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  • Date Format In subject via email

    I have a form that has a date picker. I have the form being sent via email, in the subject line I have -> concat("New form", " - ", startdate) Startdate is field on the form for that date picker. I would like the email subject to come in as "New form - 4/1/2022", sadly...
    Posted to General (Forum) by phil8228 on 04-01-2022
  • Email Attachments

    I am wondering if there is a way to email (submit) attachments on a form? Little break down, have form that I want to add option to add attachments to. I have the attachment option on the form, its works, it allows you to attach file to the form. Issue is that when the form is emailed the attached file...
    Posted to General (Forum) by phil8228 on 02-16-2022
  • Repeating Section and History Value in Sharepoint List Form

    Hi, I created a list in SharePoint and clicked "Customize Form" and started designing the form. I want to have a "Status Audit trail" and "Comments Audit Trail" similar to the attached Example form. My questions are - 1. I can't find Repeating Section in the Controls...
    Posted to General (Forum) by DafaDorothy on 01-17-2022
  • Concat multi-select fields to show in InfoPath

    Hi everyone, I have an infopath form with a cascading multi-select table that will not show up in the SharePoint Library. I found some ideas that 99% work but im stuck at one part. I have created a new text box control and used the below formula in the text box and as a rule in the multi-select box....
    Posted to General (Forum) by joshhud on 01-11-2022
  • Infopath Email only working with standard format address

    Hello, I have made several infopath forms in the path that sent an email to a user based on our companies username, instead of standard format email. For some reason in this form i get a generic error to contact my admin if i try to send using username or standard name. Does anyone know why that would...
    Posted to General (Forum) by joshhud on 11-29-2021
  • Re: RE: Export to excel - Hidden columns should be shown- Help

    Hi Hilary, Sorry for late reply. I was referring to this one as highlighted in image which i could see in Modern experience. In this i have unchecked the calculated columns which i have used in my SharePoint list. But when i am exporting to excel, I could still see that columns. For example...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Keerthi06 on 10-12-2021
  • Re: RE: DateTime Picker to format- dd/mm/yyyy- 14-Sep-2021 in infopath form(SP list)

    Hi Hilary, Thanks for that. I am now cleared with your point which you conveyed for my first question. For Second question, what i asked is how will the user be able to see previous years by navigation of data time control. Red color highlighted area -> i used to click the button navigate back and...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Keerthi06 on 09-20-2021
  • InfoPath 2013 Repeating Sections Issue

    Hello! I'm working on a SharePoint list on InfoPath 2013 and im having some issues with repeating sections. I have a total of 12 repeating sections independent from one another, the problem is that when I try to add an item to any repeating section it automatically adds an item to all of them. How...
    Posted to General (Forum) by arleen on 08-28-2020
  • Correlation errors - indicating list does not exist...

    Hi All, I have just had to make changes to an InfoPath form (which has been running successfully for 4+ years. The changes that I have made are to do with concatenations of text - i.e. things like ABC\Fred.blogs needing to change to XYZ\Fred.blogs. I have not changed any data connections - or any calls...
    Posted to General (Forum) by Catharine on 07-01-2020
  • Date Field with 30 days

    Dear All, I need your support about Error: "A calculation in the form has not been completed. The number of calculation used for a single action exceeded maximum limit" It only show 16 days not 30 days as calculation. I attached my form. Please help me. Thanks
    Posted to General (Forum) by hainh1984 on 06-15-2020
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