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  • Authy XTP

    Authy XTP Twilio’s Authy lets you easily build an additional measure of security into your login or verification process with two-factor authentication. Use the Qdabra Authy XTP to secure your form when external users access it. Users can use the verification code received from their phone as a text...

    DBXL XTP You can use this XTP to convert your existing Query DB data connections to use QueryDBWithUserKey service instead. The package includes: 1. The DBXL XTP 2. Doc#1: How to Add a Template Part in InfoPath Form 3. Doc#2: How to Add QueryDBWithUserKey Service 4. Doc#3: How to Generate a DBXL Key
  • AutoLogout XTP

    This is a template part (XTP) that you can use on your form to automatically logout inactive users after a few seconds/minutes of being idle and auto-save without data loss. It has the following benefits which includes: Prevent timeout errors – after an extended open time, forms can throw weird errors...
  • Dynamic Data Connections XTP

    Dynamic Data Connections XTP Are you having problems with going through the rigid process migrating your form's data connections to a new site? Worry no more and start adding this XTP to your forms! The Dynamic DCs XTP is designed to help you with updating your form’s data connections, and...
  • FV Images XTP - Upload Images to SharePoint and Scale

    FVImages XTP This is a template part (XTP) that you can use to upload images to SharePoint using qRules. It has the following features: Easily upload to your document library Substitute links to the photos for faster form opens Scale images based on resolution requirements Create folder in a document...
  • How to Add a Template Part in InfoPath Form

    This document details how you can add a template part (XTP) in your InfoPath form template. To obtain the document, click DOWNLOAD above. Qdabra provides many InfoPath Template Parts that you could use for your forms to extend its features. To view all the available Templates and Template Parts Qdabra...
    Posted to Template Parts (FileGallery) by Kervi Alfafara on 01-31-2019
  • Re: Action log in Infopath

    Hello, We do have an XTP that does just this - it's called the Change History XTP. It has a Save button that records a history of who saved the form at what time. It also has a place where users can enter notes before saving. Each time the button is clicked, it adds a row into a repeating table with...
    Posted to InfoPath 2010 (Forum) by Mel Clemente on 07-17-2012
  • Qdabra Change History XTP for InfoPath 2010

    Add a change history group to your form to track changes. This XML Template Part is a control. Download it and add it to your Designer using the Add Custom Controls. After you have added it to the custom controls section, just drag and drop it into your view. Only works with 2010 and may require some...
  • Vertical Tab software Compatible with 2007 InfoPath?

    I would like to get a copy of your vertical tab tpx software, however, I have been unable to find if it compatible with 2007?
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by bwrugger on 02-25-2011
  • Multiple electronic signature in repeating section

    Hi guys: We recently purchased your electronic signature template part. Followed the nicely written instructions and works fantastically! I'm now following this guide to use multiple signatures for a form. However what I'm experiencing is a blank picture control where the signature would go,...
    Posted to Qdabra Template Parts (Forum) by nick222 on 01-21-2011
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