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  • Display section after switch view

    Hello and thank you for this great forum. I hope this is the right place... :) Is there a way to send parameter from task pane to a view? My scenario: I have 2 views and task pane (html file for menu). I need to navigate from one view to the second one and to display only specific section in the second...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Elvis on 01-20-2008
  • Need to change a section to repeating section but everything disappears

    I have a form that has a section but I have now decided that I should have created a repeating section so users could fill out multiple records before submitting them. I tried changing my main section to a repeating section but everything disappears. I think that’s what I should have done to start with...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by sboyddyn on 12-20-2007
  • Transfer Data from Repeating Table to a Repeating Section

    Ok, I don't know if this is possible, but here's the scenario: The naming convention I have used here is for ease of communication... My goal in doing this is to have one person enter data in a view, and another person edit/review/add to the original data in a separate view. The trick is that...
    Posted to Controls (Forum) by Patrick on 11-07-2007
  • Providing Copy & Paste functionality - Can it be done?

    Hi All, A NOOBIE question for you. We have a series of infopath forms (hosted on Sharepoint), designed to be firstly completed the customer, and then emailed around various managers seeking approval. At the end of the process, when the form is approved, it is required to be transfered into our Helpdesk...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by wyerarch on 10-31-2007
  • Different view for different person

    Hi, I have an infopath form with 2 views which I publish it in Sharerepoint 2007. The first view can only be viewed and filled by user whereas the second view can only be viewed by approver after the form has been approved. Is there any solution to do this? Thanks.
    Posted to Views (Forum) by norale on 08-23-2007
  • File attachments in a readonly view (Infopath 2007)

    I notice that file attachments can't be opened in a view marked as readonly in InfoPath 2007. Seems like they should be. Any workaround besides individually marking all of the other controls in the view readonly instead of marking the whole view?
    Posted to Views (Forum) by johnrly on 07-14-2007
  • Submit action for One View Vs Multiple Views.

    Hi All, I have multiple views on a Form and each view has fields pertaining to its context. Now how do I allow saving of changes on just the current view as I need to do data validation only on the current view. In my current implemention I have a Submit to Database on a View and users are shown to correct...
    Posted to Views (Forum) by tcsqa_engineer on 06-26-2007
  • Re: Switch to two different views from one view

    Let me try to simplify. You need to have buttons on each view which take you to another view. It sounds like you have the rules for this figured out. However you need some of the buttons to have some logic and check the users history (previous path through the form) and then pick which view to take them...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Clay Fox on 05-02-2007
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