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  • Cloning while using Master/Detail control

    Hi. I am using Infopath 2003 SP2, Access 2003 and prg language is VBScript. I have gone through post for iterating through repeating table. The main data source in my form for looks like below: myFields dataFields d:DealsMaster DealsDetails I have a master detail control on the form. The form works fine...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by savita on 01-15-2009
  • Checking for the existence of a file

    I am using the code below to change the location of a Secondary data connection. This works fine but if the file does not exist, the FileQueryConnection.Execute() method generates an error of its own regardless of the Try block. I would like to avoid this error (confuses the users) by checking for the...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by PhDUltra on 12-11-2008
  • Loop through repeating table

    I have what I think should be a rather simple problem, but to a complete n00b like me, it's daunting at best. The basic scenario is this: I have a database set up for new employees of our company. Upon hire, our HR department will fill out a form (only the top portion) with employee information ...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by cjg1979 on 10-15-2008
  • How to do programming with Repeating Sections?

    I am working on a project that requires the user to enter data into a group of fields and then hit a calculate button and then calculations are ran using a vbscript. The view is changed and the results are shown in a new infopath view. I have this working for the first group of items in the repeating...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by Brooke Hyde on 09-03-2008
  • Hi-light active field using VBScript

    In the blogs, Greg Collins posted some script to hi-light the active field in an infopath form. However the example is in JScript and I would like to do this using VBScript instead. Could someone convert this for me please. Steve
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by SteveManthey on 07-09-2008
  • Re: Can InfoPath (2003 SP1) add an event in Outlook Calendar?

    Hello and welcome! The following VBScript, attached to a button, allowed me to create a test event in my Outlook calendar: Dim objOutlook Dim itmAppt Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set itmAppt = objOutlook.CreateItem(1) itmAppt.Subject = "Test" itmAppt.Start...
    Posted to Newbie Questions (Forum) by Hilary Stoupa on 07-05-2008
  • Re: Expected end of statement

    I purchased the AD Servise for a project I am working on. This code is for a co-worker. Why do you need the ".text' extension sometimes but not others? I did not use it here.. var ecamOfObs = XDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("/dfs:myFields/my:FormData/my:ECAM_of_OBS"); or var now_etc_hrs...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by m181354 on 12-05-2007
  • Re: Expected end of statement

    I attached my xsn file for your review. It is very small. I am purchasing your web service for Active Directory.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by m181354 on 12-04-2007
  • Expected end of statement

    I am getting the following error. Does anyone know how to fix it? Expected end of statement File:script.vbs Line:102 Dim Domain As String = thisXDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("/xmlns:myFields/my:Domain") The rest of the code looks like this... Sub CTRL22_5_OnClick(eventObj) Dim Domain As String...
    Posted to Code (Forum) by m181354 on 12-04-2007
  • Changing a Form to have VBscript from the default Jscript

    Hi, I have a form that is stuck with default .js script when I open the Programming option for a form in Infopath. I changed in the options->design tab of the form to open the VBscript code, but no luck. Any ideas as to how to change from .jc to .vbs file for the form. Thanks, Rajeev.
    Posted to Code (Forum) by tcsqa_engineer on 06-22-2007
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